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In the Picture

A fun, dynamic experience that reveals your company logo composed of individual participant headshots, collected at the start of your event.
Experience Format:
In Person
Group Size:
30 Minutes
1 Hour
Key Benefits:
Energises and motivates - Visualising the future - Encourages collaboration

How it works

On arrival at your conference or event, each participant has their photograph taken against a range of coloured backgrounds. While your scheduled activities go ahead, we’re taking all of the images we’ve captured and are processing them into a fun three-minute film presentation to wrap up your day or evening.

Set to dramatic music, images of your guests are gradually revealed on the big screen. First, a quick-moving sequence of individual faces, a montage of four faces, then sixteen, then sixty-four, and so on. Finally, we reveal that the photos have been cleverly brought together to create the company logo, conference theme, or message of your choice.

In The Picture celebrates what makes your business special and recognises the contribution your people make to its success. It’s a gentle way of reinforcing to your attendees that they have a role to play in your organisation and that each person is a valued part of your big-picture success.

Learning Outcomes


Flexing your creative muscles is an ingeniously fun way of improving your problem-solving skills. These skills can make a big difference to how teams approach their day to day, back in the workplace. Our creative experiences allow participants to explore within themselves and collaboratively as teams. Ultimately, these experiences are massively rewarding.

Morale Boosters

Our morale booster experiences are designed to inspire new patterns of thinking across a team or even a whole organisation. They can be both fun and motivating, help with employee engagement, stimulate creativity, and are great for those all-important shared experiences.

Fun and Social

Choosing from our range of fun and social experiences is sometimes all it takes to get teams working together in new and more effective ways. These light and engaging experiences are great for energising a team or warming up conference delegates. They can help familiarise new team members or get well-acquainted ones working in innovative ways.

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