Scotland is a stunning country to visit, filled with a variety of interesting food, stunning landscapes, fantastic opportunity for outdoor sports and so much more to those who travel there. Very few of those who travel to Scotland for the first time will be aware of what most of the country offers as far as attractions and activities go. The outdoor grounds are ideal for country sports and our outdoor Team Building activities.


Winton Castle Edinburgh

A dramatic and historic venue hidden in the heart of East Lothian countryside, only half an hour from Edinburgh providing the perfect getaway for your company away day with Team Challenge Company. 

Winton lands predate the Magna Carta; the Setons built the castle before Leonardo da Vinci established his reputation. Their architect, the King's Master Mason, did not work on ordinary castles! His carved, twisted chimneys still herald the palace within. His ornate plaster ceilings are the most elaborate in Scotland and as a result provide a glorious venue to play host to your Specialist Team Building Event, Experiential Learning Workshop or night of Indoor and Evening Entertainment.

Winton Castle Edinburgh

Winton lands predate the Magna Carta; and the Setons built the House before Leonardo da Vinci established his reputation.

Winton Castle is a Scottish Castle and a private house. It is far from cold and its grandeur is not aloof; you are welcomed warmly as a guest into a home for your Corporate Entertainment or Corporate Quiz Event.

Winton Castle

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