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5 Benefits of Team Building Days

September 19, 2020

Positivity feeds productivity, and, in order for this to happen, all members of your team should be singing from the same hymn sheet. If you feel that morale and/or productivity are stagnant in your workplace, team building days are great for bringing your employees back together again.

Dedicating a day, or evening or just an afternoon to bring your team together for fun, yet beneficial, activities can make all the difference in the office. Team building days can help to break the ice between established members of the team and new employees, allowing everyone to shine in their own way.

Below, we have listed five of the main benefits that your team will take from working with Team Challenge Company.

Master the Art of Networking

Networking is important to build your professional circle. When out on a team building event, your team are encouraged to interact with colleagues that they may otherwise not socialise with.

 Team building days help employees to meet and get to know people from various departments, something that wouldn’t happen on a regular day at the office. This could potentially help you, and your team, to build your professional circle.


It can never be said enough times, good communication is the foundation of a productive team – without it, and the whole thing falls apart. Team building events encourage all members of the team to communicate with one and other to achieve a collective goal, honing skills that can then be transferred into the workplace.

Bring Out the Leader in Your Team

Not all leaders have to make Winston Churchill-esque speeches every Monday morning to rally the troops. A good leader is someone that naturally fulfils the role, helping to coordinate the team, without having to be told.

If you feel that your team is lacking in the leadership department, taking part in a team building day can help to find the leader sitting right underneath your nose.


A team without trust in each other simply can’t function smoothly. The more you interact and learn about each other, the more you can trust the person.

Team building events are a great way of growing trust and confidence within your team.

Employees can understand each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and capabilities. This can, in turn, help the team to work together by trusting each other’s capabilities.

Competitive Spirit

While working as a team, you generate the spirit of healthy competition. Without competition, and an end goal, it is easy for even the very best employees to lose motivation. If one is suffering from a lack of motivation, they probably aren’t performing to the best of their ability.

By encouraging healthy competition with engaging activities as part of team building days, you bring out the best in your team. It is natural for humans to perform better in competition when we are pushed by another person or team, as it keeps us motivated to continue to improve.

 To organise a team building day for your workplace, get in touch with Team Challenge Company today.

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