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A Brief Guide to Corporate Team Building Ideas

February 12, 2019

Team Challenge Company has been working with businesses and organisations across the UK for over 18 years, offering bespoke, tailored corporate team building solutions. With so much experience under our belts, it's fair to say that we know a good amount about team building, having crafted, designed and ran countless successful events over the years, from outdoor challenges to evening dinners.

One of the most important lessons that we have learnt during our time providing team building experiences is that every organisation has unique requirements. The corporate team building ideas that work for your business or team will always differ when compared to another company or department. It’s essential to keep this in mind when you’re organising any form of team building activity, and our brief guide is designed to not only supply you with some great corporate team building ideas but also to help you make a selection that will give you the results you are looking for.

Why Invest in Corporate Team Building?

Before getting into exactly how to find the right corporate team building idea for you, it’s important to understand why you should invest in corporate team building in the first place. Team building has been proven to provide employees with a variety of different advantages that – in the long term – will benefit the business.Here are three of the major advantages of team building - boosting morale, improving communication and teamwork, and harnessing creativity.

Morale Boosting

Whilst we are creatures of habit and routine, people become bogged down or bored if they are stuck in the same way of life. This is why one of the keys to employee satisfaction is variety in the workplace, whether that is within their type of work or in the activities they engage in whilst at work.

Corporate team building is incredible at breaking apart the monotony of the usual working day without wasting time. Regardless of the intentions behind your team building activity, it must be fun and engaging to be effective because this engagement promotes learning and boosts morale. It should be your goal to find an educational corporate team building idea that your team will talk about for weeks to come, compounding the lessons learnt during the exercise.

With a more positive atmosphere and working environment, staff members become much more productive and efficient, which benefits the business as a whole.

Improved Communication and Teamwork

Communication and teamwork are at the heart of almost all business enterprises. Without the ability to effectively convey thoughts and ideas, employees don’t just become ineffective - they become unhappy too.

Team building activities are perfect for encouraging team members and departments to engage with others outside of their usual social circles. This interaction is key for creating a group mentality, as well as for making conversations in the workplace much easier and more honest – increasing company-wide effectiveness.

Creative Freedom

Each individual has some level of creativity, whether they are a talented writer, artist, or concept designer. For many employees, their creative talents are untapped due to their job role or position, both of which can make staff feel like it’s not their place to suggest ideas. Team building exercises not only make staff more comfortable with presenting new concepts, but they also highlight their hidden talents to management.

Very few businesses truly bring out the most in their staff members, when the truth is that some of the most innovative and profitable ideas could be locked away in a staff member who doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Corporate team building is the key to unlocking this hidden potential.

These are just a few of the advantages that team building can have on your business. Other benefits like targeted skill development and leadership development can have just as much of a positive effect on your business!

How to Select the Right Corporate Team Building Idea for You

Now that we’ve looked at the big advantages of corporate team building, it’s time to find the idea that will benefit your business most. The key to locating the right activity is to break down your needs and create some guidelines for your search – most importantly, you must think about the purpose of your team building exercise, who will be attending, and how much space will you need.


Why are you organising a team building exercise for your business? Is it because you want to give them something fun to do, or are you trying to help develop a specific skill? Maybe you have new team members and you want to help them break the ice, or maybe your sales team need practice selling and answering questions under pressure? A great activity will target a few of these goals and focus upon them, helping your team grow whilst they have fun.

Each corporate team building idea has its own individual focuses and challenges, so before you make a selection, ensure that the goals of the activity match the purpose that you had in mind.


Not all team building activities are suitable for all audiences. For example, if you manage a team of construction operatives, then they are more likely to enjoy an active outdoor team building activity rather than an indoor exercise. It’s essential that you understand and know your team so that you can pick out a corporate team building idea they are going to love.

As mentioned earlier – participants must enjoy a team building activity for it to be successful!


Size is another important factor because some activities simply aren’t suited to large teams. Similarly, other exercises will only work with large groups, so make sure that you are keeping the number of attendees in mind during your search. Fortunately, each of our corporate team building experiences comes with a guide to the minimum and maximum number of participants.

If you note down these three details before you start your search, you should be all but guaranteed to find both a suitable and effective corporate team building idea that works for your business.

5 Corporate Team Building Ideas

Now for the juicy bit! Below are some of our favourite corporate team building ideas. 

Whilst we have tried to be broad with our selection, there is a chance that you won’t find an idea to suit your business or team. If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to take a look at our range of team building activities.

Organised Events with Team Challenge Company


Our Orchestrate! team building event involves turning your team into a symphony orchestra in two hours. It sounds farfetched but it’s more than possible by using musical professionals and teachers to split your team into groups and teach them an instrument.

This activity creates a huge sense of accomplishment, boosting morale and serving as a talking point for many weeks to come. To find out more, click here.

GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt

Our GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt activity uses cutting-edge tracking technology to send teams out to explore their environment and solve puzzles in a bid for the winners’ trophy. Focusing on promoting healthy competition, problem-solving and teamwork, this exercise can be personalised based on where your business is based, with extra levels of depth depending on how difficult you would like the challenge to be. To find out more, click here.

Pressure Zone

Pressure Zone pits teams against each other to complete high-energy, high-tension challenges that demand engagement and focus. Each of the activities requires a different skill, forcing teams to learn about each other’s talents and in turn, promoting unity and effective communication. To find out more, click here.

Beat the Box

By combining their skills and solving problems, Beat the Box asks participants to use their intuition to solve an electric combination code. It’s impossible to win without collaborating and working with your team quickly and efficiently, testing both time management and communication skills. To find out more, click here.

Team Torque

Team Torque is a creative activity that requires multiple different skills and excellent teamwork. Participants will plan and build their own car before designing, decorating and promoting their team. The activity is concluded with a bowls-style target challenge that demands accurate calculations and preparation. Team Torque is a complete team challenge that pushes participants to the limit. To find out more, click here.

Armed with these ideas and tips, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the best possible team building activity for your business. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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