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Incorporating personal development into team building

February 5, 2016

For many businesses, and indeed here at Team Challenge Company, it is important to allow your employees to focus on their own personal development as well as learning how to be a contributing member of the team. Knowing how to apply knowledge acquired from team building events can be a challenge, but if you get the balance right and reinforce team building ideology, then you will end up with a much happier team on your hands.

For your team, as well as yourself on a managerial level, it is important to remember that nobody is going to hand you success on a silver platter. It is earned and achieved through careful personal development, personal strategy and a lot of hard work!

We have compiled some top tips for ensuring your workforce can embrace personal development following a successful team building event.

  • Keep a journal of achievements. Positive client feedback, appraisals from colleagues, peers and superiors all contribute towards self-esteem and pride. A record of these things allows a person to build a strategy of how they can get ahead and move forward in their careers
  • Use motivational sayings and idioms to keep a positive mental attitude in the workplace. Staying upbeat and optimistic will do wonders for productivity and creativity
  • Seek solace in a workplace mentor to help you through any issues you may be facing. The only way to overcome these obstacles is to face them head on, so go out of your way to pro-actively combat it and take on board advice from those you trust and look up to.
  • Get better with time management. Staying on top of projects and tasks will keep those stress levels down, ultimately resulting in a much more productive use of your time, while keeping you focused on your goals
  • Seek out training opportunities that will benefit you in the workplace, as well as everyday life. Going for such training in your own time, instead of being asked to, is an excellent way to take control of your career, and, also speaks volumes about your dedication and commitment to your role

While you can encourage your workforce to follow these steps and build on their personal development, it is also imperative that you provide them with team building events that they can thrive and flourish in; for you to be able to see them achieve their full potential.

For all of your team building and staff development needs, please do have a look at our range of events and structured activities built specifically to cater to your requirements as a business. Furthermore, please contact us with any queries you may have and we’ll endeavour to help your team achieve the very best results possible. 

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