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Indoor Team Building Ideas

February 12, 2021

Team building has an important role to play in the workplace. Not only does it bring staff members together and encourage closer working relationships, but team building can also spur productivity and increase the overall happiness amongst employees. As the workplace is often a place where professionalism is expected, staff can find it difficult to get to know each other in a relaxed manner. Instead, holding rushed conversations about how each other’s weekends were and the occasional catch up regarding the family. This is especially true in client-facing industries, such as retail, where the sales staff can often feel disconnected from managers and management teams.

Why Team Building?

We spend a lot of time in our jobs, an estimated 1/3 or up to 90,000 hours in a lifetime. That’s a long time to spend with people that you don’t get much of an opportunity to socialise with. Team building allows employees to come together. Without worrying too much about constantly having to make conversation or find common interests and, instead, offers a fun environment to build connections and improve their teamwork skills.

 However, it’s important that the team building activities you are offering your staff are interesting and fun, if they aren’t, your employees are going to become bored quickly and, in turn, it can have a negative effect on the team bonds. Especially if the team building event takes place during a particularly busy period, some employees may be reluctant to leave work and potentially fall behind.

Indoor Team Building

Your team has decided it is time for a team building session but getting outdoors isn’t ideal, whether it’s the middle of winter or the weather isn’t playing ball. That doesn’t mean you have to resign the session to another day. Instead, here are some indoor team building ideas to get your staff inspired;

Musical Maestros

If your team have (or lack) rhythm, a music-based team building activity is a brilliant way to strengthen the bonds between colleagues. An easy to carry out indoor team building activity includes gathering plenty of noisy household objects, i.e. wooden spoons, pots, pans, cheese graters, etc. Splitting the team up into small groups and tasking each group to come up with a four-bar riff with their chosen household objects. The winning musical team can be decided with an X-Factor style judge vote or a collective vote by everyone involved. For a greater challenge, get the teams to teach each other their made-up music!

Team Challenge Company has a fantastic selection of indoor music games for team building activities. From performing lively samba in our Beat Work event to our Crescendo activity, where your staff can learn to play a real classical string instrument!

Quiz Night

You can’t go wrong with a classic quiz and with the number of resources available, putting your own quiz together has never been easier. Traditional pub quiz formats include an initial picture round of guess who? Sports, news and general knowledge question rounds and a music or film clip round to finish off.

If you want something bigger and bolder than a pub quiz, consider booking our Evening Interactive Quiz, a high-energy, informal team building activity. Participants will be put through their paces and compete in a selection of visual, audio, interactive and cryptic quiz rounds. In order to be the best and take home the elusive Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy!

Creative Collaboration

Does your team see themselves as engineers in disguise or, are you a team of engineers?! Creative collaboration games are a brilliant way to keep your hands busy and get everybody working together. Whether it’s playdough or Lego sets, challenges can be set for teams to work together and recreate famous statues or landmarks against the clock, or against each other.

If a creative collaboration event captures the attention of your staff, consider our game Bridging the Divide. Teams will have to think smart and use their limited resources to create a bridge that is big, strong and stable enough for a large remote-controlled car to be driven across safely.

Game Show

Want to make a big deal of your team building? A game show approach could be the ideal opportunity for your staff. Including the classics such as the chocolate dice challenge; individuals must roll a dice and put on a number of awkward clothing items dependent on their roll value. Once the items are on, it’s time to pick up a knife and fork and munch down as much chocolate as you can before the next teammate rolls a six and starts it all over. Another fun game to include is to pass a fully inflated balloon using only elbows and knees down the team as they line up. Or a blind taste test between teams, can you identify that flavour?

If the organisation and resources required puts a strain on the resources you have available, we’ve got the perfect solution in the form of our team building activity Pressure Zone. Pressure Zone follows a format similar to the popular television show The Cube. Seeing participants step up to the plate and perform a series of physical challenges and skill games to be the one that collects all the points. Can your team come out on top?

Why Choose Indoor Team Building?

While getting outdoors can be good for your health and usually involves a greater space to organise a team building event, indoor team building is great for winter months or as a means of breaking up conferences or meetings. There’s less to plan and expect from your employees too, no need to bring a change of clothes or wrap up to stay warm between events.

At Team Challenge Company, we bring team building to you and can take all the hassle out of venue finding or organising the day’s events. With experience working in a vast array of spaces and with some of the world’s biggest corporations. We are fully prepared to provide your staff with a challenging and entertaining team building day or evening for all involved.

Looking for more inspiration for your team building? We have a comprehensive range of activities to choose from, including outdoor team building events, indoor team building events and corporate event management, follow the links to find out more.

For more information on our team building events or to book your team building day, get in touch with Team Challenge Company today on 03300 04 09 03 or using our online contact form

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