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Team Bonding turns Colleagues into Friends

February 9, 2017

In the business or corporate environment, it’s a sad truth that often too much emphasis is placed on progression and competition. This is usually at the cost of getting to know your colleagues and co-workers, resulting in a lack of meaningful office friendships.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we aim to change this. We think that corporate events are important to enable people to make friends with their co-workers, as this promotes a healthy, friendly working atmosphere.

Colleagues that are also friends work more closely together, which can help with problem solving and in the creation of new ideas and strategies. It’s important to make sure every member of your team is valued and appreciated, and friendships can go a long way towards improving the general morale of the workplace environment.

With that in mind, you may not know that the 11th of February is international ‘Make a Friend Day’. This is the perfect time for your employees to escape the stress and struggles of work, and take some time out to get to know one another. Building and developing new friendships can help to boost productivity and make your employees happier while going about their daily tasks, meaning that you should soon see a happier, more positive working atmosphere.

Team Building with Corporate Events

Take advantage of Make a Friend Day and book your employees in for a team building experience with us this February. We have a wide range of different experiences available for you to choose from, including both indoor and outdoor activities so you needn’t worry about the unpredictable British weather!

Our team bonding activities and corporate events will allow your employees to develop new and existing positive relationships while encouraging more effective communication which can be carried across to the workplace.

Your team will be entertained and motivated, equally taking part in exciting challenges. Our experiences actively encourage teamwork and reward colleagues for working together to overcome obstacles.

A Wide Range of Choices

Depending on the type of team building experience that you go for, your team will be faced with a variety of physical and intellectual challenges. As they go about the problem-solving process, they will demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses, both individually and as a group. This will help you to identify which areas need to be focused on in the future, and ultimately will help your team to become more successful in the future.

Whether you decide to opt for a Crystal Challenge, Soapbox Derby. an interactive treasure hunt, indoor games, or something else entirely, the choice is completely up to you. Choose a team building event that will allow your team to get to know each other and develop friendships for Make a Friend Day this year.

For more information about our team building activities and corporate events, please give us a call on 03300 040903.

 03300 04 09 03 
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