Posted: Dec 22 2016

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The weather is cold, grey and dark, and the festivities of Christmas are done with for another year. The January Blues have arrived with a vengeance. As soon as Christmas is over and we hit the post-Christmas slump, it can be difficult to keep your team motivated. After several months of working towards Christmas deadlines and end of year targets, the beginning of the New Year can cause real problems with motivation. However, team building events are a sure-fire way to kick-start your team's motivation for the New Year.    


January is widely referred to as the most depressing month of the year, and this is often reflected in the workplace. Employees are not feeling motivated, which results in a loss of time and energy, as well as deadening the overall atmosphere in the office. Team building events are the perfect way to combat this and boost your employee's morale at the same time.

Team building events are vital to the long-term health of your business. Here at Team Challenge Company, we are experts in delivering fun-filled, effective team building challenges and activities that are guaranteed to produce results and improve the success of your business.


As we all know, the weather at this time of year isn't the best for outdoor events. Luckily, we offer a wide range of alternative indoor activities that are perfectly suited for dreary January weather. Our activities will motivate and entertain your employees, through improving communication within the group and promoting a range of problem-solving skills. The positive relationships these events bring out in your team members can be directly transferred across to the office environment, setting your business up for a successful year ahead.  

Our vast array of indoor team activities will deliver results and provide you with a memorable experience that your employees are sure to enjoy. With indoor activities and team building events as varied as the indoor Crystal Challenge, to Team Building Energizers, to the ‘Pressure Zone', we are sure to have something to suit every team. You could even push your team to their limits with our fun Bush Tucker challenge, entering into the fully themed Team Challenge Company Jungle to take part in our unique, fun mini challenges.

We have a flexible approach and can cater to the individual tastes of any team, while still maintaining that all-important focus on the goals and objectives of the management team. To beat the January Blues and start planning your New Year team building event, get in touch with us today.

From all of us here at Team Challenge Company, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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