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What Makes a Good Quiz?

October 9, 2021

Quizzes make a great form of evening entertainment and they are a versatile activity that can be readily adapted to suit different audiences. From classic and traditional questions to more unique quiz round ideas, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Here at Team Challenge Company, we are a team building company that is well aware of the importance of ensuring that quizzes are interesting, engaging, and valuable. The Big Quiz is our fun and competitive team quiz, expertly presented by our professional team to ensure you and your colleagues can make the most of the event.

However, just what exactly is it that makes a quiz stand out? What are the factors that will make your team’s quiz stand head and shoulders above the rest? We’re here to outline the key points and discuss the important components that go into making the best quizzes.

Fun Quiz Rounds

Nobody wants to get stuck with the same old quiz rounds over and over again, so it’s important to add some variety to your event with fun quiz rounds. We have a wide assortment of quiz round ideas to help you pick out some different options, ranging from new twists on classic rounds to entirely bespoke ideas that will help your quiz stand out from the rest!

Teams engaging in our Big Quiz team building activity will benefit from our extensive wealth of knowledge in the industry, which enables us to help you pick out activities and quiz round ideas that will provide the most benefit – and enjoyment – to the occasion. Let us help to create a fun quiz tailored to the needs of you and your employees.


This ties into the above point, but variety really is the key to a successful quiz. Whether it is variety in terms of the questions you are asking teams or variety by way of different rounds, there are plenty of ways in which you can work to make your quiz as varied and exciting as possible.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we can tailor each round in The Big Quiz to suit different ages and abilities. We can also include a mixture of visual, audio, and cryptic rounds to ensure you can enjoy the maximum variety possible in your quiz event.

An Engaging Atmosphere

While the rounds and questions that you choose for your quiz are understandably an essential part of the event, much more goes into organising and running a successful quiz than just questions alone.

In order to maximise the value of the activity and boost the learning outcomes, an engaging atmosphere is also essential. The right environment will ensure that everyone gets as much as possible out of the occasion, boosting motivation and productivity back in the office as well as during the event.

Friendly Competition

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Although it is essential for everyone to be able to work together effectively as a team, some harmless competition can help to drive motivation and push productivity, encouraging team members to work together to meet targets and give the entire business a boost.

Friendly competition can leave employees feeling united with their colleagues, forging a closer bond between team members even as they strive to be the winning team in the quiz! Fun and entertaining, it’s a great way to encourage competition without compromising on positive workplace relationships.

Building Better Bonds

Encouraging the building of positive relationships in the workplace is only a good thing, and quizzes are a great way to do just that in an informal, relaxed setting.

Contrary to popular belief, friendly competition can actually lead to building better bonds between team members, helping to integrate new starters into the team while developing friendships between individuals. After all, a team is only as good as its separate parts, so it’s important to make sure that everyone in the team gels together effectively.

The Big Quiz

Of course, the best quizzes aren’t just about fun and games. We are a team building company that expertly blends enjoyment with valuable learning outcomes, ensuring that our team bonding activities are both fun and useful.

Our evening entertainment quiz event, The Big Quiz, is perfect either as a standalone activity or as the grand finale to a corporate team building day. Guests will be split into teams to compete head-to-head in a range of quiz rounds, completing challenges and answering questions across a broad range of categories. The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible, and the team with the most points at the end of the quiz will win the coveted Team Challenge Company trophy!

The Big Quiz is all about encouraging friendly competition and building stronger bonds between team members. We have designed the event to be inclusive and engaging, without compromising on the core values that are essential in the corporate environment.

In addition to The Big Quiz, we also have a variety of exciting themed quizzes and other game shows designed to get your team motivated and inspired. From our Big Music Quiz and Big Movie Quiz to our enjoyable, high-energy Interactive Quiz, there are plenty of options to choose for your next team building event. Alternatively, our challenging yet hilarious Generation Game is perfect for getting everyone involved.

If you would like more information about The Big Quiz or any of our other top-quality team building events and activities, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today or give us a call on 03300 040903.

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