Posted: Dec 15 2016

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Adult life, with all of its responsibilities and routines  (at work and at home), often means we rarely let loose and adventure in the same way we did as youngsters. We tell ourselves we've seen it all, done it all, and know it all.

But why is it, when faced with team building activities, new experiences, and anything out of the ordinary, we are so eager to embrace and enjoy every moment? Some call those participating "hard core" while others see them as merely excitable. Either way, there is something about having pure, unadulterated fun that strikes a chord every time, with individuals and teams alike. 

Take the interactive treasure hunt, for example. This is an innovative new twist on an old classic - and a firm favourite with teams all over. We already knew from experience that scavenger hunts were a popular activity, but adding a digital element to the good old-fashioned treasure hunt, with GPS and interactive real-time features, was just what the world needed.

The team here at Team Challenge Company knew the GoTeam software would be a success, and judging by the feedback we have had from teams we have worked with across Scotland, it's a bona fide hit. (It even won an award!)

What is it, though, that teams love so much about a treasure hunt?

A Personal Challenge

We put so much emphasis on pushing ourselves to achieve more but when it comes to personal challenges, sometimes we need to go easier on ourselves. The thrill of the race and the little obstacles that teams and individuals face on our treasure hunt (nothing too difficult!) will present them with personal challenges. By overcoming these challenges, not only will they develop their strengths, confidence and character; they will feel the rewarding boost of doing so. Bonus: the more challenging the route, the more points and rewards!

Friendly Competition

No matter how much we deny it, we all have a competitive streak. Team building events in general, but especially those pitting two teams against each other in pursuit of treasure, indulge our competitiveness in a safe and friendly way. There's no room for cut-throat tactics or cheating, just lots of laughs and helping each other to beat the other team. Don't worry, though, the winning team might get the treasure, but all teams can rest assured that it really is about the journey and not the destination.

Skill Development

One of the best things about a treasure hunt environment is the fast pace and dynamic atmosphere. It reveals traits, strengths and weaknesses that the regular work week would not. In turn, it gives individuals and teams the chance to identify and explore new skills or hone existing ones. Communication, problem-solving, planning and execution; all key skills that help in the field, as well as back in the office. Quick-thinking is also required with our collection of bespoke company, location and general knowledge based questions.

Teamwork Encouraged

Of course, as wonderful as the adrenalin rush of embracing your inner treasure hunter is, this is first and foremost a team building activity. Good news then, that the trail and all its challenges are designed to promote and nurture teamwork. The shared experience is a great place to start, as this strengthens team bonds. What's more is the ways in which your team work together during the hunt will show them how to work better in meetings, at their desks, and in general.


Ultimately, one of the best things about our treasure hunts is that they give your team an adventure. New experiences to be had, new places to explore in a new city or location, or the chance to discover hidden gems in a city you thought you knew. These are the things that make for memorable events and evoke the kind of enthusiasm and excitement you'll want to see from your team when you say the words "team building day".

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why the interactive treasure hunt is such a popular team building event. Not only does the GPS treasure hunt offer a rewarding team building experience that blends technology and tradition, but it helps your team improve key skills, make memories and strengthen bonds. Get in touch to see how we can customise a treasure hunt your team will love!

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