Engaging, Interactive Business Game

A highly engaging, interactive business game designed specifically for remote teams, with a focus on enhancing leadership skills & team dynamics through experiential learning. 

How It Works

In Peak Performance Online, remote working teams must manage resources and monitor ever-changing conditions as they instruct their expedition guides to the summit of Mount Everest before returning safely to base camp. Due to the complexity of the game and the number of variables involved, team members must take on individual roles, with each player working to acquire as much knowledge as possible and become an expert in their role. The challenge then is to effectively communicate this information across the entire team, allowing the group to form a cohesive
strategy, and make their moves on their individual online game portal.

Learning Outcomes

Successful teams understand the game mechanics, set a realistic shared vision, and work collaboratively as a team to observe the ever changing conditions on the mountain. They must then take action to apply an agile strategy and skilfully make swift decisions as a team to maximise opportunities to their advantage. Following the experience, participants use reflective observation to identify what occurred during the exercise, what decisions they made and the consequences of those decisions. When paralleled
to real business world circumstances, participants are able to make effective behavioural changes by understanding and accepting the implications of their choices.

Key Business Benefits

  • Managing Risk
  • Strategy &  decision making
  • Agile & flexible thinking
  • Responding to external change
  • Managing resources

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