Bean Around the World -

Competitive Game of Coffee Trading

Immerse your delegates in the exotic and ever-changing world of coffee commodities trading with this stimulating syndicate challenge.

How It Works

In Bean Around the World teams play the part of coffee traders in providing the supply chain from producer to outlet and finally to consumer. Teams make money by buying coffee from the suppliers, trading with the other syndicates and then selling coffee blends to the customer at a profit! The game is played over a period of 3 years with the winners being the syndicate which the most cash at the end of the third year.

Learning Outcomes

A dynamic and thought-provoking trading game that will stimulate and energise any conference programme and generate fresh ideas and approaches to business. It captures the essence of new economy teams and focuses on such issues as, short-term success versus long-term strategy, risk management, win-win negotiation, managing supplier and customer needs within a complex supply chain; and the power of good information.

Key Business Benefits

  • Budget Control
  • Customer Service
  • Cross Functional co-operation
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Managing Change
  • Strategy Communication
  • Practical Leadership
  • Uniting Teams

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