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Haka Action

Popularised globally by the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team, and widely held as an incredibly bonding experience, learn the power of the Haka.
Experience Format:
In Person
Group Size:
20 Minutes
Key Benefits:
Encourages collaboration - Energises and motivates - Excellent icebreaker - Develops group skills

How it works

The Haka is often thought of as the mighty war cry of Maori warriors, a unified display of strength and prowess to intimidate even the bravest opposition. But beyond a challenge or war cry, this ancient and sacred dance is performed to celebrate special occasions or welcome guests.

Just as delegates settle for their conference day ahead, they hear the famous New Zealand war cry. Guided by our high-energy facilitators your group will learn the words, meanings, and dance of the Haka before co-ordinating their actions in a powerful group performance.

Haka Action can easily be tailored to allow all participants to physically engage at their level without feeling uncomfortable, but maintain its incredible power. Although we always encourage our participants to release their inhibitions and present an open-minded attitude. In this supportive, shared environment teams can unleash their creative and emotive expression. This Haka experience will leave participants feeling fresh and invigorated, united together through shared experience, and motivated to face their own challenges head-on.

Learning Outcomes


Improving collaboration across a team is probably the number one way we can help to improve a team’s performance. If you don’t communicate, you can’t collaborate. We start with communication and get it flowing, then get everyone working together. We have found that creating long-term change in the way teams collaborate can be as simple as getting them into a creative frame of mind. Whether the team task is to work together or compete is up to you.

Morale Boosters

Our morale booster experiences are designed to inspire new patterns of thinking across a team or even a whole organisation. They can be both fun and motivating, help with employee engagement, stimulate creativity, and are great for those all-important shared experiences.

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