From the Kentish garden lands in the South East to the wilds of the Cumbrian Peak District in the North West, England is the jewel in the British mainland's crown. With its vast variety of conference centres, boutique hoteliers, and heritage stately homes, there is a location perfect for every possible kind of team building event.



London Team Building

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is one of the most elegant and versatile venues in London.  A beautiful historic building set...

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Macdonald New Blossoms Hotel

Macdonald New Blossoms Hotel is a stylish hotel in the heart of the historic City of Chester, situated on the...

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Team Building in London

Team building in London is as essential as anywhere else, but unlike anywhere else, we can take advantage of the unique facilities, equipment, and opportunities offered by Western Europe’s largest city.

If you have a corporate team building event planned in London, you can take advantage of our amazing selection of events, challenges, and outings that will turn your team into the dream team.

The Pressure Zone

Just as a diamond can only be forged in the heat and pressure of the shifting earth’s crust, the best teams are forged from the fire and force of the pressure zone. The Pressure Zone encourages your team to indulge in their competitive spirit, bringing out co-operation and pride as they express the best of their physical fitness and mental agility.

Beat the Clock

Deadlines abound in the corporate world, and your team will be no exception. The Time Lord keeps a careful eye on the clock as your team complete physical strength and mental co-ordination challenges where they will need to find a way to work together to save themselves and beat the clock!

S1 Soapbox Derby

To make a team work in the S1 Derby will require creativity, co-operation, and a willingness to take on a challenge. Each team must come up with a race team brand, logo, strapline, brand values, and a mission statement. Strip your team back to their bare bones and watch them build something beautiful out of nothing. A perfect team activity for a time out in London.

The Crystal Challenge

Start the fans! Can your team face down the mental games, the punishing physical challenges, the slippery skill sessions, and the mesmerising mystery missions? The problems your team will face here mean communication skills are vital. Can your squad master the Crystal Dome?

Trade Winds

Avast, ya’ team be hunting treasure, an’ where there be treasure, there be trade. Each team plays the crew of a pirate ship, carrying a hold full of booty. By forging relationships with other traders, they build up the vital information they need to garner the advantage and corner the market. A great game for corporate teams that have to pull intelligence and information together to build a single cohesive picture which will decide their actions going forward.

The Generation Game

The family Saturday night classic now comes to your corporate team building event. From befuddling quizzes to constructing giraffes, peeling potatoes, and decorating cakes, your team will need to pull together such a wide variety of skills that no one person could do them all. Co-operation is vital. Communication must be clear. Will you win the cuddly toy, or will you go home bearing the wooden spoon?

Murder Mystery

The challenge may be elementary to understand, but it's much more challenging to complete. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as your team investigates guests, looks for clues, and puts together the pieces of the mystery of the evening. Whodunit? A perfect way to build the kind of social corporate network where information and ideas are encouraged to flow freely.

The Bush Trackers

In the deep and dusty deserts of the land down under, will you and your team be able to survive? Will they be able to make the choices, face the challenges, and stomach all the harshest and most unpleasant creatures of the Australian outback? They say the best bonding experiences are when you face harsh times together. After your team has eaten what’s on offer here, their brotherhood will be forged in blood, albeit not human blood…

Create, Design, Deliver

Build, balance, consider, craft, and ultimately create as a team, all according to the rules. Whether it’s building a tower, carrying your team members through the gaps in a maze or trying to decipher complex riddles, co-operation and co-ordination come together to build a sense of shared accomplishment - vital in a good team.

The Big Quiz

Are your science skills something special? What about terrific TV knowledge, a fantastic film fact base, or a complete and total mastery of popular music? Since no one person will know all of these answers at once, your team must come together and share their specialisms to secure the best possible score in the Big Quiz.

Team building in London offers exciting, varied opportunities to help your team grow and develop with confidence. Browse our available locations today and select the perfect London venue for your next team building activity!

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