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Just a few of the highlights from some of our recent Corporate Events with many of our clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Make sure you leave a comment on your blog and hope to see you at an event soon!

Team Building Scotland - Crystal Challenge with KCA Deutag

The stunning Fairmont Hotel In St Andrews was the latest setting for an afternoon of Team Building Scotland Events with KCA Deutag. The group of ten competed head to head in a Crystal Challenge style event. Both teams - Angies Arrows and Crystal Ballsy faltered at the first hurdle however, both failing to make their mark on the Towers of Hanoii and the Labyrinth. The illusive crystals were finally won in game two with Angies Arrows proving they are tuned to the moon with an astounding score of 24 on the NASA! Kieran from Crystal Balsy was poetry in motion at the Archery, single handedly dragging his team onto an even keel with their opponents.

Crystal Challenge Crystal Challenge

Daniel managed to bat the rat high into the sky as well, adding a further crystal to this particular haul. Dawn also managed a bonus crystal in this round at the memory test. In the final push towards the crystal dome finale, both teams again came up short at the challenging Interlocker! Chicken fox and grain was a big highlight for both teams, dawn in particular who tried to smuggle the chicken suit away home! Ali and Daniel were red in the face after a monstrous effort, both pushing their respective teams over the line!

Crystal Challenge Crystal Challenge

The Ballsys and Arrows showed how well matched they were as they both accumulated 27 seconds inside the illustrious dome! Leigh and Ali were in trusted with grabbing the cash for the arrows with Leigh even concealing some within her clothing! Daniel and Kieran went all out in their pursuit of the trophy, grabbing massive handfuls frantically right until the final whistle. This tactic paid dividends as they scooped top prize with a massive £4600, the bragging rights and of course the magnificent Team Challenge Company winners trophy. Unfortunately Angies Arrows went home with second prize on £2400 - the wooden spoon. A great day with some memorable moments, thank you Gemma for putting together this great event, we are looking forward to next year already!

Comments (3)

08 May 2014 at 11:57

Robie Gilmour

What a fantastic Crystal Challenge event! A real competitive spirit. The Towers of Hanoii again proving to be one of the hardest games we have! Thank you for a fun and exciting afternoon

06 May 2014 at 12:57


A great day! A highlight was Ali being a natural at the archery. That bullseye was no fluke!!

02 May 2014 at 16:14


A great group, competitive right to the end. Look forward to the next competition.

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