Corporate Fun Day with Skyscanner 2017

Posted: Jul 21 2017

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The beautiful Melville Castle was the setting for a day of fun and sunshine at the Skyscanner 2017 Hawaiian themed BBQ. The day was full of fun for all as both adults and children alike enjoyed a battle on the gladiator duel, a race on the assault course or even a throw down in the sumo suits! All the guests were dressed in their Hawaiian shirts ready to win the competition for the best one later in the day. Not only were the guests in with the chance of winning the Best Hawaiian Shirt contest but throughout the day they would have a chance to compete in the Surf Simulator competition and the Limbo competition too... The day was full of opportunity for some lucky people to win themselves a fun and novelty prize and not to mention – ultimate bragging rights!

Butterflies floated around on Denver’s Den and tigers lounged in the grass as our face painters transformed guests into whatever their imagination could come up with. Many tried their hand at winning themselves a fun prize at the sideshow games, knocking coconuts down at Coconut Shy, racking up some big points on Beat The Goalie or managing to get all the hoops over the stands at Hoopla. Guests raced around in the Lazertag, trying to shoot at each other whilst avoiding being shot at themselves and rack up as many points as they could to come out victorious! Archery proved hugely popular with all the guests who aimed to test out their skills and be Skyscanner’s Robin Hood for the day. 

Over at the Surf Simulator, people queued to see if they could be the one to stay on the surfboard the longest and win the prize! With scores ranging from 1 second all the way to 12 minutes, our winner stayed atop the board with such concentration they didn’t even realise they had won! A few shout outs throughout the competition for their times: Dom, for his attempts with 504 seconds and 564 seconds, Adam Bennett with 522 seconds and David Braden for his 601 and our runner up with 614 seconds, Cara – well done everyone! Not to forget the Best Hawaiian Shirt competition results which was won by not one person, not two people, but by a family fully kitted out in their finest and brightest Hawaiian shirts! 

As many continued to play on the activities, listen to some live music, eat some delicious BBQ food or just lounge in the grass under the sun, a crowd was gathering at the football pitch in anticipation of the annual Edinburgh vs. Glasgow football match. With our commentator ready and the players all warmed up, it was time to start the game! With some cheers from the crowd and lots of jokes from the commentator, the game was nearing an end and looking likely to head to penalties... Shot after shot was taken as each team sent a player up to shoot and just as the crowd were losing hope of either team scoring before the end of the event, Edinburgh managed to get a goal and become the 2017 winners!

Finishing off the day, many headed to join in with the quiz and the rest of the guests continued to enjoy the activities in the sunshine – a competitive few even took part in races including the sack race, space hopper race and even three legged race! The day was nearing an end but the guests still managed to squeeze in a few more shots on the activities before heading for their cars and coaches. A good few guests would be taking home bragging rights and smug smiles as they competed with friends and family and won on the Gauntlet assault course, Gladiator Duel, Lazertag and many more of the activities.

A huge well done and thank you to Katy for organising the day, a fantastic time was had by all and our team hugely enjoyed the day with you all. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, hopefully with just as much sunshine as this time! 

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We had a great day at the Skyscanner Corporate Fun Day, and what a beautiful venue Melville Castle is! We had a brilliant time with you all and particularly enjoyed your stunning display of Hawaiian shirts!! Look forward to seeing you all again soon!



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