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The Infinite Loop: Online

In order to save a young man trapped in a spaceship your teams must sharpen their communication and practice collaborative problem-solving.
Experience Format:
Group Size:
1.5 Hours
Key Benefits:
Combines leadership & empathy - Communication Skill - Continuous Improvement

How it works

The mission is to save a young boy imprisoned on a spaceship. To rescue the boy, the team must pass through a series of doors locked with puzzles. For each puzzle, only one team member can see the spaceship door. Others will have an enigma card that helps them unlock that door.

The team member viewing the spaceship door must communicate what they see to the other team members. The team members with the enigma cards must actively listen and ask the right questions to enable the team to solve each problem.

Once one door is unlocked, the team moves on to the next until they can save the boy. The competitive fever rises as team members watch the main screen showing the changing scores of all the teams in the game.

The Infinite Loop online has been designed for developing team dynamics in remote teams. It focuses on real-time collaboration and real-time communication. The more precise the player with the visual information is in describing the problem, the faster the teammates with the written information find the solution. The Infinite Loop online has a steep learning curve. As teams progress, they improve their communication and collaborative problem-solving skills. They learn about each individual in the group and how they can work more efficiently as a team.

The Infinite Loop online is a versatile and powerful tool employing agile methodologies. It is ideal for working on the complex issues affecting modern businesses working with remote teams.

Learning Outcomes


Improving collaboration across a team is probably the number one way we can help to improve a team’s performance. If you don’t communicate, you can’t collaborate. We start with communication and get it flowing, then get everyone working together. We have found that creating long-term change in the way teams collaborate can be as simple as getting them into a creative frame of mind. Whether the team task is to work together or compete is up to you.


Our experiences to identify and bring out leadership qualities revolve around either creative and collaborative practices or competitive challenges. These tried and tested techniques delve deep into team dynamics and how individuals respond to them. We have also developed a core set of highly effective interactive business games. Our interactive games mimic real-world scenarios but with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

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