3 Day Team Development Workshop with FMC Technologies

Posted: Jul 13 2014

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of working with the Surface Tree Product Group team from FMC Technologies at the fabulous Old Course Hotel St. Andrews, designing and delivering a 3-day team development workshop to focus on bringing together this relatively new team who are working all over the world, and forging a path for their future business growth and successes of the STPG team, and indeed the organisation as a whole. The team development workshop was centered around psychometric profiling tools and team growth strategies, using our experiential approach and various team building exercises to accelerate the learnings of the group and help link these to positive changes that could be made back in the workplace. The 3 days also encompassed some much-enjoyed entertainment and leisure activities for the team, all of which provided plenty of fun, laughter and competition for all involved! With so much happening across the 3 days, we thought it best to include just a few of our highlights within this blog, and would certainly be delighted if you wish to leave a comment with your own personal favourite moment/s from the workshop.

Our highlights reel starts with the Belbin Team Roles workshop that formed much of the programme for Day 1. The STPG had completed their Belbin questionnaires and team reports prior to meeting in St Andrews, and were keen to discover what it all meant. After some in-depth discussion around the Belbin Team Roles Theory and the various discovering each of the preferred Team Roles within the STPG team, we put our new learnings into practise with our Rollerball and Casket Rescue challenges. From Monitor Evaluators to Resource Investigators, and from Plants to Teamworkers, each member of the team played their part in ensuring success within the challenges which was really brilliant to see. The afternoon session on Day 1 saw the STPG team tackle Insights Discovery, which really provided a fascinating look at the personality attributes of the team, and how the learnings could be utilised so as to ensure greater engagement and successful communication with each other.  The Helium Stick challenge proved to be a fantastic talking point during this session, as the team performances changed dramatically when dealing with external pressure.                 Chris was calmness personified as he took charge of his team’s efforts, which paid off enormously. However, when Team 2 stepped up to the plate they had Gavin to contend with, who was doing everything he could to put ‘major pressure’ on Derek and his team’s efforts – which certainly showed!

Further highlights came with the entertainment elements to the team development workshop, which included an opening day trip to Knockhill where the team watched on during the Scottish Championship Car Racing from their own private VIP Balcony. The World Cup Final took care of much of the evening entertainment on the Sunday, but it was Monday evening’s Fun Casino Night entertainment that stole the show, as our team entered the Ballroom Suite at the Old Course Hotel to be greeted with a James Bond style backdrop and a night of great fun ahead. Dressed in formal wear (and with many fine kilts on show!), our guests took to the Blackjack, Roulette and Poker tables after a wonderful meal in a bid to earn as much fun money as possible and take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy. There were thrills and spills and many ups and downs all evening, but finally that man – ‘Lucky’ Gary – emerged victorious with a fantastic £900 fun money profit! Our final day with the STPG team provided an opportunity to work with them on their vision for the future, and the values that they felt most important in helping them to realise their goals. There were further activities on show throughout the day, as The Dogs and The Dugs challenged themselves across a variety of experiential exercises. Interlocker was perhaps the most talked about of these exercises, as the teams tried to refine their processes to help achieve success as quickly and efficiently as possible. Again, when going back to the learnings from Belbin Team Roles and Insights Discovery from the previous day, the teams improved dramatically, with Siva at the helm and guiding the Dugs to one of the fastest completion times we have ever had – 36.59 seconds – a sensational effort by all.

As the team development workshop came to a close, each member of the STPG team provided us with a personal commitment for a positive change that they could make back in the workplace that would make the working environment for them and their team a more successful one. The 3-day team development workshop had undoubtedly been a great success, and we truly hope that the entire team enjoyed a rewarding and enriching experience with us at the Old Course Hotel St Andrews. It seems that the overarching objectives of the workshop, both personal and team-based, were achieved across the 3 days, and we thoroughly hope that you all success in taking what you have learned about yourselves and about each other back into the workplace, continuing to making progress in realising your newly formed Team Vision. A big thank-you must go to Jennifer, Joan and Siva for their efforts in organising such a successful team development workshop, and we certainly hope to see you and the rest of the STPG team again in the future. 

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Great opportunity to work with the STPG team at the excellent Old Course Hotel - it was a great pleasure meeting with you all and being part of your success story. Trust the follow up sessions going well for each and every one of you and you are re-ignited for even greater team success in the future. Hat on Head down Go for it ! Stephen



Team, your contributions were fantastic during the development sessions and this, well formed team were a pleasure to coach. I have no doubt that progress is already under way and conversations on 'what can I do' have already taken place. Wishing you continued growth both professionally and personally and if needing a giggle just remember the catch phrase "pro-active" ! Building Better Teams, Gerry



It was an absolute pleasure to work with the STPG Team at the wonderful Old Course Hotel St Andrews in what proved to be a hugely successful 3 days of Team Development. I'm delighted to hear that the team felt all went so well across the 3 days, and that there has been such a positive feeling within the team following the workshop - we really hope that the learning's from across the 3 days help to make a positive difference back in the workplace and and ensure even greater successes for the future. Once again, a pleasure working with Jennifer, Siva, Joan and the entire STPG team, and very much look forward to working with you all again in the future. Jonathan



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