Admiral Taverns Indoor Team Building Activities

Posted: Jun 27 2014

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The beautiful Village Hotel near Liverpool was the setting for our latest of our Team Building Days with a group of around 50 from Admiral Taverns. The teams battled it out across three different breakout sessions throughout a conference filled day. They were competing for the ultimate prize, the Team Challenge Company winners trophy. Bridge Build and Interlocker were the Indoor Team Building Activities that lay in wait for our enthusiastic and competitive bunch. The first 16 team members split into three groups desperate to stake an early claim towards lifting the sought after prize. Team Admiral flew out of the traps on the Interlocker but fell flat on their face in the later stages as complacency set in. The Kicking Ninjas set a slow but steady pace and were making good headway while Slim Shady, who just about remembered their own team name were bringing up the rear. In a sudden twist of Team Building fate the Admirals failed to outflank their Ninja opponents when the going got tough.

The Kicking Ninjas enjoying the spoils much to Edwin's delight. Anthony was his usual humble self and didn't gloat one bit -yeah right! A well deserved win though as Slim Shady hip hopped into 2nd place. Bridge Build brought out the creative sides of our teams with some weird and wonderful designs on show. A truly monumental day! The Kicking Ninjas again romped home with an impressive drive. Truly a sight to behold. The Slim Shadys displayed their shoddy DIY work as the structure buckled at the vital moment to send the car into a downward spiral. The Admirals finally got points on the board with a seriously impressive bridge. 

Fulfilling at least some of their early promise, Done Spinning certainly some the Interlocker as they demolished its tricky outlay with some impressive communication and teamwork. A beautiful win for them. Rodders Heroes were a very close second even after Henry nearly taking a dramatic but comic tumble. Stayed on his feet like a pro however as Dodie, the lifeguard was on hand to aid his recovery. Comedy gold lads! Betty's Swallows dodgy bridge was undone quickly as they struggled to make an impact. Rodders Heroes stepped up and aced the Bridge Build though which cemented their claim as best overall team. 

The final teams knew it was do or die as they had to follow some inspirational performances. The Northern Monkeys swung into the lead on Interlocker with a great start. Jontys Joiners were also putting in a shift with some great work while the Village People looked puzzled at their task and never fully recovered to come in last respectively. It was the Monkeys who clinched it though and in a record breaking time. Overall each team competed with heart, passion and integrity. All except Neil who managed to plagiarise from others Interlocker efforts and Wayne who tried to take a screenshot of the answer sheet! Tut tut gentlemen! The big winners and best across the day were the Blue Team who enjoyed the spoils in front of their fellow colleagues. In second were the Reds, who were unlucky not to claim top spot. The wooden spoon went to Team Gold for a bronze third place performance! Well done to everyone and thank you to Gail and Simon who made the day a fantastic success.

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Gail Gail Gail ! Where did it all go so horribly wrong? Haha well done to everyone who got stuck in and made this such a successful part of the day. Some of the most unique bridge designs I have ever seen. Unique doesn't mean practical though. All the same it was a great afternoon!



What a fantastic day. The teams really applied themselves to each of the tasks. Hopefully you will be on the winning team next time Gail!



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