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Posted: Aug 15 2014

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The stunning surroundings of The Parsonage, Airth, proved to be the ideal location to host a Crystal Challenge Team Building event for Baker Tilly. After an early morning session of conferencing, the Crystal Challenge seemed to give the 120 people present the perfect opportunity to present their ability to complete mentally and physically excruciating challenges. The individuals were split into 12 teams in which they could display their determination and motivation to win the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy. With a few drinks in hand, the day set out to be filled with a competitive streak. To illustrate, Stephanie managed to score a bulls-eye on the Archery making her the Maid Marion to beat Robin Hood. On the other end of the spectrum, Team 7 were of to a mediocre start attaining no crystals just before the half time score check, how embarrassing! However, they managed to go from zero to hero by attaining two crystals at the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, saving them from the humiliation by the participants.

The half time score check proved to be an eye opener to the individual teams as there was no idea of who could win the trophy. This made it an agonising wait to see which team was the one to watch out for. The competitive nature of the team members were evident where Chris and his unnamed side kick were caught in the act trying to steal some crystals from the Leopard Lover. It must have been there lucky day as the decision was made to let this mishap slide and deduct no crystals, to the dismay of the other teams! But that wasn't all, an unnamed culprit sought out to sabotage the other team’s chances of success by hiding pieces of equipment which were essential to complete the challenges of the day. It was clear that the competitive nature got the better of them! However, despite these minor discrepancies, Betty turned out incredible on the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, clearly displaying the skills she gained by playing computer games at home. On the other hand, Joe was terrified to take on Janet in the general knowledge crystal. Nerves definitely didn't get the better of him as they both managed to triumph at the end of the individual challenge.

The Riddles proved to be challenging as only a few people were able to answer 3 correctly. After the challenges were completed, it was time for the Crystal Dome Finale where the crystals were exchanged for time inside the Crystal Dome in which to collect the most cash. Efforts were running high as no team wanted to leave with the losing Wooden Spoon! However, team 10 weren't so lucky as they came last despite their best efforts. It was clear that Team 6 had the most strive to succeed as they left with the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy! Well done guys! All in all, there was amazing effort by all those who took part. Laughter entailed throughout the day so it was clear that the day turned out to be a success. A big thank you goes out to Fiona, Alan and Jean who helped to make sure the day turned out to be a complete success.

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The Leopard Lover

What a fantastic and fun afternoon. Met some really lovely people! A great venue for what truly was an exciting and competitive day!



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