Beat the Box with Diamond Offshore Drilling

Posted: Oct 30 2019

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Team Challenge Company had the very great pleasure of working with longstanding clients Diamond Offshore Drilling to deliver yet another fantastic evening of truly collaborative team building in the shape of one of our most popular products of 2019 – Beat the Box! Around 90 delegates joined us at the wonderful Macdonald Aviemore Resort to take on the challenge and see if they had what it took to complete their challenge within the 90-minute time frame and Beat the Box!

As the delegates entered (rather sheepishly!) the fantastic Peregrine function suite at Macdonald Aviemore Resort, they were confronted by 20 locked silver cases laid out in front of them, and as the group were divided into their teams, a sense of intrigue and anticipation filtered through the crowds.

Our opening brief brought to light what the rest of the afternoon held in store – the Diamond Offshore team would be required to put their problem solving skills and deductive reasoning to the test to try into break into the heavily padlocked silver case that sat on their table! Inside that, they would find 4 more cases they needed to crack, each more difficult that then last, until eventually they could attempt to input the final code into the locked case at the top of the room, and hopefully ‘Beat the Box’ within the time frame of just 90 minutes!

An opening mysterious video message challenged the teams to the game and gave them the first clues they needed to break into their specially designed silver cases, and from there they would be on their own. An initial sense of intrigue and mystery, and perhaps some quiet concentration in the room, quickly turned into frenzied panic as a couple of our teams broke the code on the first padlock in super-quick time, whilst others struggled a little more in the early stages. As the time wore on, more and more cheers echoed around the room as teams really got into the swing of things, and more and more boxes were opened, providing further mysteries to be unraveled. 

As the clock ticked by on the large screen at the top of the room, it began to become clear that all the information that teams required to open their next box was not contained within their own case, but in various cases around the room. Indeed, as the final challenge drew near and the clock ticked to a final countdown, it suddenly dawned on the 20 teams within the room that they all required to cooperate and work together if the final code was to be found, and that they could only succeed as one large, collaborative team – or of course guarantee complete failure if they chose to struggle on as individuals.

With just minutes remaining, the Diamond Offshore team joined forces to crack the padlock on the case which would allow them to type in their final code, and together deciphered their Code Phrase ‘Ocean Valiant One Team Together’ which was rapidly typed into the keypad in a sense of hurried expectation. Players stood back with bated breath as the Enter button was pressed and looked to the screen which revealed they had indeed found the correct code, and had, together, successfully managed to Beat the Box! Huge cheers resounded around the room as they unfurled the flag which confirmed their victory, and would provide a valuable lesson in reminding all within the business that they are all part one team, and that together they could achieve anything they set their minds to.Just look at all those happy smiling faces in the photos.

A big shout out and thank you must go to John for all his efforts leading up to organising this evening of true team building for the Diamond team – it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him and his entire team, and we very much look forward to seeing you all again soon in the future.

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