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Posted: Jan 23 2020

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We were in the city of Aberdeen for our client’s – Subsea 7 - Beat the Box team building session for their team of 35 guests. Beat the Box is a fantastic, cerebral team activity with an escape-room theme, focussing on communication and collaboration across teams.

The aim of the game is to unlock each box, leading to a code to stop the clock – sounds simple! The group was split into 5 teams ready to take on their individual locked branded large aluminium box.

We started the session with a cryptic video clip, giving the team their very first clue to victory! The teams must use their problem solving skills to make their way into the locked silver case and once successfully opened they will be met with a further 4 cases – each case proving more difficult than the last. After around 7 minutes the first team had made their way in, making other teams all the more determined to get into theirs.

Competitive spirits were high, and each team began to gradually get into their own way of unlocking boxes and using reasoning and communication to successfully make their way onto the next box.

Despite the challenge starting off as a very competitive one, once teams got to box 3 they were faced with the challenge of communicating with other teams to share answers and accrue more knowledge from the delegates in the room – this was difficult as they were used to being very protective over their answers.

This certain element of the game promotes idea sharing and the fact that every new set of eyes in the room may have an insight that will be valuable in some way to the team. Very important in the workplace when working together to complete a task or project as one.

It was a success, with 10 minutes still on the clock the team from Subsea7 managed to Beat the Box – the energy was great throughout the room and it was proof that we can go forward as one but together we can go forward faster!

Thank you to Subsea7 for choosing Team Challenge Company to deliver your event, we very much look forward to working with you again in the future. Special thanks to Kim for organising this morning of collaboration.

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