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Posted: Dec 09 2014

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Clivedon House, set in the beautiful English countryside, played a perfect host to our latest afternoon of corporate events and activity ideas. The picturesque grounds provided an outstanding platform for the latest and best games Team Challenge Company had to offer. A group of 6 budding enthusiasts from King Digital, the masterminds behind the Candy Crush Craze, were lucky enough to show us what they were made of! Split into two small teams of three a side, what they lacked in numbers they certainly made up for in eagerness and exuberance. The Kardashians would go head to head with Debit n Credit for our top prize of the day. The highly sought after Team Challenge Company winners trophy. To get their hands on the coveted title they would have to manoeuvre their way through a variety of challenging, thought provoking and intense activities. The game was Beat The Clock! The team who racked up the least amount of time in tackling their games would ultimately be crowned top dogs. The afternoon kicked into life with the hilarious antics of the hip hop skittle drop game! With the Olivia Newton John style 80's sweatband the teams faced off to knock over their pins as quickly as possible! Kardashians swung into an early lead, knocking over 4 in quick succession.

Debit n Credit struggled to manage their ball effectively and found themselves clawing back ground already! Just when the Kardashians thought the first game was in the bag they were foiled by an awkward 5th skittle! In true comeback style team Debit were dogged and determined and were quickly on an even Kiel. The comeback was dramatically completed as the the Kardashians faltered. Only 55 seconds for 6 skittles! A feat to proud of. The Kardashians finally got over the line with a time of 1.09. An early lead for debit and credit spurred them on to further success on the maze! Tethered together they managed to make their way round the tricky course in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Adulation awaited them as they hurtled over the finish line in just over three minutes! The Kardashians, lead by enigmatic leader Matt, tackled the clock tower in their first outing to the beautiful croquet lawn. In an intense and dedicated performance they finally beat the clock at little over 8 minutes! Not a bad time considering the complexity of what confronted them. Team Debit perhaps let complacency set in as they Tackled the same activity! A below par and rushed performance saw time finally catch up with them, the ten minute limit elapsing in what seemed like half of that! The first bitter taste in the mouth for debit and credit. Kardashians showed their metal by coming out of the other side of the maze unscathed and within 4 minutes! Even if the look on Morgans face painted a truly different story. The teams were neck and neck at the half way stage with only 17 seconds separating the two sets of warriors.

Part 2 started in much the same fashion as the first. Both teams knew just one inspired moment could be the difference between winning and losing. Interlocker proved to be the toughest nut to crack, both teams struggling! They eventually found some divine intervention from somewhere and carved out a respectable time! Both beating the clock in under six and a half minutes. Transporter saw the group tackle a different kind of monster all together. After team debit made a slow start to practice, they got their act together when it really mattered. Allie sprinting frantically back to stop their timer on just over 4 minutes! The Kardashians knew they needed a special performance to go into the finale with even a chance of coming out on top. Special turned out to be an understatement. It was heroic, incredible, legendary! They crushed the transporter in two minutes exactly! What a turn in fortunes! Spectacular! The Batak awaited the teams as the destiny of the trophy hung in the balance. Matt sprung into life for the Kardashians with two excellent rounds! Carl hit back with a steady outing. Marshall showed unrivalled agility with some amazing moves in a desperate attempt to propel his side to victory. The result really was too close to call! It was time to announce our Beat The Clock winners! The Kardashians!!! With 24 minutes and 15 seconds. Spectacularly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat after an especially underwhelming beginning to their campaign. Well done indeed! A truly remarkable outcome! Debit and credit were left cursing their luck as a promising start turned to desperation and bemusement. Unlucky Marshall, Allie and Carl! 26 minutes and 46 seconds on the clock. The wooden spoon destined for the three amigos! So the Kardashians walked away with the trophy on this occasion. Showing that perseverance, hard work and a lot of heart can make the difference. A big congratulations to both teams however on a massively entertaining, successful and memorable afternoon! Can you take the time to beat our clock? Tick tock....

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Malin Eriksson

Thank you Robie for this update, and thanks again for being so flexible today. You guys are great, always a pleasure to work with your team! Cheers!


Simon Grant

Thank you to everyone who took part in the exciting and challenging Beat the Clock! We had a great time and hope you did too! What a great day, see you all soon!


Robie Gilmour

What a day! We really hope you enjoyed our Brand New Batak as part of our Beat The Clock Event! We had a great day in London and loved your team names!



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