Children's Christmas Party with Marathon Oil

Posted: Dec 09 2018

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What a fantastic day was had by all at Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen for Marathon Oils 2018 Christmas Party. The room was filled with Christmas decor, exciting activities, Christmas music and most importantly Santa’s elves. The time had come to open the doors and let the party begin, the children were full of excitement and surprise as the doors opened and they all ran in.

We had a wide variety of entertainment for everyone to try. There were some terrific decorations and pictures made at the arts and crafts table. Some were even making new props to use in our fantastic photo booth. There were a few who thought they were professional golfers and were eager to show off their skill sat our longest Putt challenge, needless to say more hours are definitely required on the golf course!  

There were cheers and applause at Mario kart as the races had begun to complete the track in poll position, there were definite Mario kart professionals amongst the guests. It was soon time for Santa to arrive and all the children were super excited for our very special visitor to arrive. There was only one thing to be done- we must all sing.

As the children gathered on the floor the anticipation and excitement mounted, we had to sing Jingle Bells so loud or Santa’s sleigh would not be able to land on the roof. After the attempts Santa’s bell was heard in the distance, everyone was still singing loud in the hope Santa would walk through the door. The Magic worked Santa’s Bell got louder and louder, as did the children's excitement. Everyone cheered and waved as Santa made his way to his grotto to greet all the children with some wonderful gifts. 

With all the children having visited Santa it was time for our party games and dances. We started the proceeding if with an all time elf favourite, The Fast Food Song. We then went straight into another party favourite- Musical Statues. Everyone was so good at this game the elves had to be a bit cheeky and try and make everyone move with silly faces. Pass the parcels was next, 2 circles and 3 prizes in each, loads of chances to win the big prize, each person the parcel stopped on got a little treat as well. After another couple of dances it was time for the grand finale.......THE PINATA. Each child stepped up to give the snowman a whack in the hope that they would break out the sweets. When the seal was broken there was a mad dash to the floor to collect the tasty treats that were inside the snowman.

It was time to say goodbye, the Marathon Oil Christmas party was over for another year. We had a fantastic day with you all; we hope you all did too. Thank you to all involved in organising what was a spectacular day. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you all again next year. 

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Another awesome Christmas Party event with Marathon Oil at the wonderful Ardoe House Hotel - always a pleasure to work with the Marathon Oil Organising Team including Angie , Ruth and Wendy - well done ladies on yet another Winter Winner at Christmas ! Stephen


Angie McWilliam

A huge thank you to all the “Team Challenge Company” team who helped make our Christmas Party an unforgettable one on Sunday! I have had fantastic feedback from lots of families saying it was the highlight of their year. I hope you all had a great time too!  Myself and the rest of the Marathon helpers wish you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!



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