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Posted: Mar 06 2014

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It was that time again for one of Wood Group GTS's Team Building Events, the day kicked off with the popular Travel Ball Ice Breaker. All 3 teams seemed confident until the ten minute practice kicked in, and all of the teams realised the activity was not as easy as they first thought. The Premiere Equipe` team seemed to be off to a flying start until the ball dropped half way along the line, giving The Magnificent 7 and Woody's Warriors time to get back in the swing. Woody's Warriors picked up the pace and began to take the lead, until yet another drop! Which left The Magnificent 7 to take the win, much to the dismay of Premiere Equipe` who thought they had it in the bag.

In the Blind in Tent challenge all three teams showed up with a fair degree of confidence. Premiere Equipe` were first to take on the challenge. Their perception of the activity was shadowed by their over confidence shown by a few team members e.g. Jean Claude. Which led to mass confusion and a loss of valuable minutes on the clock. Eventually though, they managed to pull together and listen to the instructions given and with under a minute left on the clock, they finally had a tent worth bragging about. Woody's Warriors had a hiccup of their own when they realised they had no one on there team with any tent building experience! That soon changed though, as they mucked in together to get through the challenging task! It was The Magnificent 7 though who again prevailed! This was due to extensive planning and a great idea to have a member of the team with tent experience giving instructions and the second member with tent experience building. This led to a clear and efficient exercise in which the Magnificent 7 finished with plenty time to spare. On the Stepping Stones challenge all of the teams were in fine form and after the excellent advise from our Jonny all teams breezed through the course in fine form. After all the teams tried their hardest and worked well on Rollerball the best score of the day was a 38.6 seconds which from our standards was not too bad!!

As the day drew to a close we closed up with Mini Highland Games, at this point the day was still anyone's to win. Every team managed to pull off a performance at Welly Throw, which led to the points on the board sky rocketing. The most strenuous of tasks came at the finally, the Caber Toss challenge proved to be tougher than anticipated and only fantastic technique by Premiere Equipe`s very own Graeme managed to score a 1000 pointer to bring the game to a close. ! The finale was Haggis Hurling which was a to be a much more challenging task than first thought all the teams were all needing points to grasp the trophy but the only team was Woody's Warriors who managed to score above the 250 mark. As we headed back inside to tally up the scores tension filled the room. Premiere Equipe`s final push proved not to be enough as they finished the day as 3rd placed and the Wooden Spoon winners with 9620 points. Closely followed by Woody's Warriors who finished 2nd with 9810 points. Which left Magnificent 7 as the days champions, smashing the points tally with an incredible 11260 points. Taking home the Team Challenge trophy as proof of their excellence!

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Lee Hynd

A fantastic day at the Macdonald Inchyra Grainge Hotel. The wet weather proved not to be enough to dampen The Wood Group staff spirits! This was definitely the case when everyone taking part showed up to mini highland games, and even got into the spirit of the games by dressing for the occasion in the "see you jimmy" gear. An all round fun and productive day, it was a pleasure to be involved. Lee


Bob Scott

Even tho the weather was against the spirits were always high with this group from start to finish. When Jean-Claude clasped his eyes on the Team Challenge trophy , we knew he wouldn't let his team down as he looked so hungry for the win! The teams were so competitive and they pushed themselves for the win at all times but in the end nobody could stop the Magnificent 7 , who were on fine form and lifted the trophy in style. A great event organised by Kim and hopefully next time she can lift the trophy! Bob



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