Company Team Building Activities - Fun Casino Night and Country Pursuits with Shell

Posted: Mar 20 2014

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Shell at Woodbank in Aberdeen was the latest venue for our Company Team Building Activities Fun Casino Night with a group of 14 guests from a far afield as Holland and Russia! The evening got underway after a lovely dinner and had the group waiting expectantly at the door as it was revealed what was in store for the evening ahead. Entering the study to a transformed casino extravaganza, everyone started the night with £50 and was challenged to make as much profit as possible throughout the nigh on Blackjack, Roulette a Texas Hold 'Em Poker. As the evening progressed the Poker Tournament has us all on the edge of our seats as six winners proceeded to our final face off. There was one substitution as Hans shockingly sold his place in the final to Ilya for the measly sum of £50 or rather €50 as they were to him! Scott turned out the best the man with the best poker face taking the championship and £200 towards his final total.

The Blackjack proved to be a cruel mistress for Tamara as the house quickly swallowed her £50 of fun money while James' progress on the Roulette was slow and steady with cool logic and a lot of luck. When it came to Results time, all eyes were on Raquel and her dancing as she scooped the notorious Wooden Spoon with a total of -£6 for the evening. And despite Ilya's best efforts honest or not, it was Brendan who took the top spot and went home with the Winners' Trophy and of course the glory! After a trip to the bar and a few hours sleep we were up and at it bright and early for a Country Pursuits Outdoor Event in the grounds. Going head to head the two teams chose incredibly similar names just to keep us on our toes! The Archery Competition was up first and proved to be a pretty goo start for both teams while Obsessive Winners threw down the gauntlet with an early win thanks to their balloon skills!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting on the other round wasn't so evenly matched as thanks to Tamara's late challenge Obsessed with Winning took the points. The Highland Games Finale was a fast and furious ending to the morning with Welly Throw up first for the teams to tackle. Rob has it just a little too much Welly and ended up well out of the arena and putting the team 500 points in the hole. Caber Toss was an easy victory for Obsessed with Winning with Ilya and his troops severely lacking in the accuracy department. Haggis Hurling kept our teams warm as the frenzied activity got them dashing victory. Despite a few dishonest attempts and several unauthorised Hoop adjustments the teams battled it out to make a late stand for the trophy.

Our final challenge was a test of metal and physical strength on the Stone Lift where each individual did their team proud with Hans coming close to the Team Challenge Company record with a 1min 7second lift. In the end only 500 points separated the two teams. Valiantly in second place with an excellent 5000 points were Obsessive Winners claiming another Wooden Spoon for Raquel while Obsessed with Winning were crowned the champions of the day taking home the chalice of champions thanks to their incredible 5500 point. Both events were fantastic fun for our team and it was a pleasure working with Ilya and Lisa to make it happen.

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A great evening and an even better morning of competition and fun. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all over both your events and so nice to hear that you enjoyed it as much as we certianly did. I look forward to meeting you all again in the future. Sarah-Jane



I must admit, what a fantastic 2 days i spent with these wonderful people! Some fantastic memories. However........ 2 of the most unoriginal team names ever for the country pursuits! Thankfully your competitive spirit and ability was better than your imagination haha. Some of the best poker faces i have ever seen at the Casino as well. Ilya has since returned the extra chips he insisted he 'won' that evening!!



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