Corporate Activity Days Pressure Zone and Fun Casino Night with Subsea7

Posted: Oct 30 2014

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After a morning of conferencing at the beautiful Fairmont St Andrews, Subsea7 it was time for the delegates to enjoy part one of the corporate activity days which Team Challenge Company had organisied. The guests were treated to a afternoon of the Pressure Zone which involved the delegates split into teams and then welcomed by host Robie into the Pressure Zone. The first challenge that they played was Flop It, which proved to be a tough one with only a handful of team members managing to win some money. The teams were then sent to various activities for rotations around the Pressure Zone in the first rotation they encountered Index, Step Up and Hurdle, all testing the competitors balance, coordination and sense of space, which for some was easier said than done… After a short break it was onto Hole in One, this game proved to separate the men from the boys and the woman from the girls. The teams were then sent onto their final rotation and introduced to the new games which were Bounce and In, Landing Strip and Decent these games all judged the teams on speed, agility and aim.

Throughout the Pressure Zone the teams life cards had taken quite a beating with only a handful left for each team… Tear Drop was the final challenge and the teams limbered up.. GO! GO! GO! The teams were firing the balls in the air with some hitting all 3 then going into the end target zone and some hitting one and hitting the other guests! The teams were then asked to count up their fun money as they would be playing with it later in the evening at the Casino!

Following a frenetic and intense afternoon of The Pressure Zone, our teams had only victory on their minds as evening turned to night and our individual games were swapped for the one and only fun casino! The 40 or so guests certainly looked the part as they began to filter down the astounding atrium steps and into the dining area. After their own prize giving and small award ceremony they were eager to get their teeth into some big stakes betting. They knew whatever they won tonight would be added to the money won in the afternoon Pressure Zone! This meant even the team dead last in the first part of the day could make a roaring come back and experience glory. The Blackjack and roulette tables were immediately swarming with high rollers trying their hand at a number of different style and pattern betting. Some, of course, working on the pretense of old fashioned luck! Of course it would pay off for some, but not for others. There were only 3 emergency loans given out all night which was a new low for us! At 100 percent interest rates though, you can understand why.

As the drinks flowed and everyone became focused on winning big for their team, the poker tournament began with some gusto. Tony walked away unscathed through a barrage of bluffs and big raises to claim a massive £200 for his team! By the end of it all there were some desperate looking faces trudging away from the table! The roulette and blackjack were over run all evening as the room was filled exuberance and laughter. After all was said and done, some people lost, some punters won. The trophy was destined for pastures new, unfortunately the wooden spoon was too! Team Ton were exceptional all day and were worthy winners of the coveted Team Challenge Company trophy, winning well over £ 2000! Congratulations to them and to Brian who made this such a successful trip, thanks for all of your hard work that you put into the organisation.

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