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Posted: Aug 14 2014

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Kippie Lodge Country Club was the great venue for our corporate entertainment, sports day barbecue for Wood Group PSN! We started off the day with everyone arriving in their fantastic pirate fancy dress with some and everyone was raring to go and ready for a good time. The games began with several different races; firstly was our Sack Race, which was a fun sight to see and despite some slips and trips, everyone enjoyed themselves and Team 1 managed to come in 1st and receive 1000 points! Next up was our Space Hopper Race and despite some interesting techniques used to 'hop,' Team 2 managed to come in first and receive the maximum number of points. After that, the teams took part in our Caterpillar Race which was expertly demonstrated by Ali and Kerry from Team Challenge Company and the race then began with some teams bursting out into a flying start and a few other teams struggling to get off the mark. After a much heated competition, Team 3 won and got the full points.

The next race was the Egg and Spoon Race and after making sure that there were no bits of chewing gum on the spoons, we kicked off and although this is generally thought of as a child race we have never seen a group of adults take anything so seriously! There could only be one winner and once again it was team 2 who got 1000 points. The final race of the day was the Three Legged Sack Race for only two members of each team, it's all about finding the rhythm between each persons legs but some struggled more than others and first over the finish line was Team 4, who really did feel the rhythm!

Next we played a group match of Human Demolition where one member of the team was knocked the off podium and the next team member went up straight away and everything was pretty fairly matched until Caroline took the podium and just couldn't be taken down! Her team took the victory and Team 4 took the 1000 points. After lunch the only game we had left was the Bucking Bronco where it was all about the teams accumulative time and in the end the team with the highest time was Team 1! In last place taking home the Wooden Spoon was Team 3 on 4400, third place was Team 4 on 4800 and just missing out on 1st was Team 1 on 5200. In first place taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy was Team 2 on 5400 points! At the end of the day to finish off the fun, we threw a few people in the stocks and everyone threw sponges at them for a price, all of the proceeds went to charity! Thank you so much to Michelle for arranging such a fantastic day and we hope to see you again next year!

Comments (1)


stephen hazley

Ahoy Shipmates - great day at Kippie Lodge with all the Scurvy Devils from Wood Group - loved the Pirates fancy dress parade. a big shout out to Michelle for putting the excellent day together and making those Scurvy Dogs walk the plank oh and for the charity stocks idea - a good wash never hurt anyone ! Stephen



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