Corporate Family Fun Day with Aggreko

Posted: Sep 21 2013

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The Rollerball Challenge saw some outrageous designs thought up and produced, but none were more sensational than that of Team Up Yours! This piece of engineering genius could have kept their golf ball in motion for days on end...basically the exact opposite of what Button Moon put together! They were great at one thing though...shooting! The Shooting gave their team a big chance to get back in the race, it was just a shame that they found their stride so late in the day.With money earned and a savage amount of embarrassing pleas for discount undertaken at the Rocket Shop, the morning of Team Building neared its big finale, as the Trade to Win Challenge raced into the countdown to launch! After fabulous presentations from Button Moon and Team Kilemol (and a frankly terrible effort from Team Up Yours), we headed outside into the Autumn sun for what was to be something spectacular! The teams had come together to agree that the rocket produced by Up Yours was most likely to win them the contract, but unfortunately some poor craftsmanship lead to the rocket flying towards the Banff direction without a parachute in site!

At least it flew though, right Team Kilemol? Some say it was a dodgy fuse, others say it was dodgy quality assurance, all we know is there was no spark to cheer about! And would you believe it...Team Button Moon...! What a launch, what a parachute, what a flight, what a landing! The crowds stared in stunned silence as their magnificent creation drifted back to earth...amazing! However, it wasn't enough to stave off defeat, and they proudly stepped forward to collect their Wooden Spoon! And so, despite their failure to launch, the desirable Winners Trophy went to the mighty Team Kilemol!The Event had been a massive success, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance! A big thank-you goes out to Linda and Nita, whose effort and enthusiasm in organising the Team Building event really shone through on the day. The group from Exxon Mobil were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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