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Posted: Aug 08 2015

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It was that time of year again! The beautiful, rural village of Dunscore welcomed us with open arms as the entire populous and patrons from surrounding areas embarked upon their annual Gala Day!

Nestled beautifully among the Dumfriesshire countryside, the summer extravaganza boasted a whole host of market stalls, physical activities and enough entertainment to keep the keen attendees intrigued right up until 4pm!

The day started with the traditional parade through town. Children and adults alike were incredibly excited by what was a well organised and structured spectacle. The Abba float quickly followed by the unmistakable sound of Bollywood India, followed by a tractor pulling the Gala Queen entourage! It truly was the Gala to end all Galas. Surrounded by the agricultural hub of Southern Scotland, the booming roar of the tractor was heard far and wide. Certainly the vehicle of choice for tackling this rugged but beautiful terrain.

As the festivities kicked into life, masses of happy families ensured they visited everything we had to offer. A wide variety of inflatable fun was on offer for the spritely masses. Our Inflatable Laser Tag welcomed keen shooters as we were inundated with masses of kids for the entirety of the day. Stevie coming out on top more often than not, beating younger brother Elliot and Cowan to the punch. The enclosed warm maze of hidey holes and dark corners provided amazing cover for wannabe snipers in this, our most popular activity.

As the sun, cooled perfectly by the summer breeze, continued to provide a comforting backdrop to this amazing day, the Bouncy Castle was littered with eager young minds finding their feet and learning to bounce in ways which they would never forget. We were surprised the castle had any bounce left in it as the clock struck 3pm!

The Giant Slide proved to be the Everest for many budding climbers as the 27ft height was scaled continually throughout the afternoon. Our Mini Quads also provided a haven for tiny petrol heads as they kicked into high gear and let their speed do the talking. Some excellent drivers among them as Ryan and Brogan topped the list of off-road fun. The next Lewis Hamilton waiting in the wings perhaps?

As the horse and carriage racing erupted in the center of the gala to a tumultuous crackle of noise and excitement, it was the moment we'd all been waiting for. The Bucking Bronco competition! One by one our riders tackled the angry Horace to see if they could tame him and take home top prize. The coveted Team Challenge Company winner’s trophy! One by one they tried and failed, some even languishing below a double figure time! Abigail and Joe facing off in a sibling rivalry which left the crowd captivated. Tiny ruby and toys certainly impressed as they took acclaim for the smallest competitors of the day! Even adults Craig and Graham could not come close to good scores set by Angus and Mungo. 2 children may I add! But after all was said and done. After a catalogue of funny falls and hilarious highlights, there was a shock on the cards! 10 year old Lily bagged the trophy with an unsurpassed score of 35 seconds! An amazing time set by someone so young! The bubbly crowd congratulating our young winner as she disappeared into the sunset!

A truly remarkable ending to what was a memorable day in the Scottish Borders! We'll see you all again next year! Thank you to James and the team for organising such a successful afternoon!

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