Corporate Fun day with Oceaneering

Posted: Aug 04 2018

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Our friends at Oceaneering asked us at Team Challenge Company to help them with their family day. We jumped at the chance! 

 Oceaneering are one of the more notable companies that are local to us. Providing cabling and solutions all over the world is no mean feat and we felt that the employees needed to blow off a bit of steam with their families after having another successful year. 

One of our main attractions on the day was the bucking bronco. We had quite a few people have a go at taming Alejandro the Bull, but very few were successful! We also ran a competition for the kids to test their resolve. A young gentleman stepped up saying he had never won a trophy before, and went ahead to destroy the rest of the competition! 

Our face painting and popcorn stand was also a hit with the guests. Very few kids didn’t have a bag of popcorn while having their faces painted as tigers, lions, and everything else their imagination could come up with. 


As a special treat, we organised a falconry stand for the guests. In addition to having a look at some majestic birds, everyone got to learn about some of the worlds greatest avian predators and get up close with the animals.

Normally our races are put on as a fun way for the kids to engage with each other and compete to gain prizes. Not only did many children take part, but some adults were involved! Office scores were settled and new rivalries gained as at least a few of our races ended up as adult only!

We genuinely enjoyed helping the fine people at Oceaneering with their fun day, and hope to do the same in the future!

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