Corporate Fun Day With WM Donald 2016

Posted: Jul 25 2015

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Saturday in Stonehaven saw the long standing partnership between Team Challenge Company and WM Donald rekindled for the fourth successive year! It was, once again, time for their annual Family Fun Day Barbecue! Employees and their families enjoyed an early finish to their working day, in anticipation for the long awaited fun filled extravaganza!

The carnival atmosphere cracked into life at 1pm as people started to arrive and flock towards the breath-taking activities that are always on offer when at WM Donald. This year, the day was held at a slightly different venue than usual. A move that was pivotal in ensuring a memorable and unforgettable experience. The new area provided awe inspiring views of the sweeping Aberdeenshire countryside, with rural Kincardineshire broken beautifully into the horizon. A perfect setting for this year’s event! And the best part of it.... It was only 350 yards from the old venue!

Familiarity bred comfort and positivity in this case as the patrons took to the games like ducks to water. The towering Avalanche Wall, our second largest inflatable, being descended on by vast numbers of eager children, looking to conquer the steep climb to the summit! It was only a matter of time before the parents got involved and challenged each other to a heavyweight face off!

They would however lack the flexibility and nimble footedness of their young counterparts as many succumbed to the steep face almost immediately and knew better than to exert their selves one more time! A victory for the kids on this one! The Bungee Run saw its usual head to head contests between friends and families, resulting in some epic battles and good wholesome entertainment for the on looking mums and dads! Our Archery saw some keen marksmen take aim at the tricky target, also immersing themselves in the aesthetic qualities of the Balloon Round! The kids ensured the day was remembered as a happy joyous occasion through their constant, infectious exuberance. They swarmed around the Face Painting, Bouncy Castles and Candy Floss like bees round honey.

As the families enjoyed their delectable barbecue, we counted down to the big competition of the day, the Bucking Bronco! The coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s trophy was on offer for our budding riders as they attempted to hang on to Horace for as long as they could! Some lasted just a few seconds, unable to handle the bucking prowess of the bull! Others shuffled and contorted their way into contention with some impressive performances.

After all was said and done, the kids winner was Andrew with an unbeatable score of 36 seconds! He trounced the adults best efforts of 24 seconds set by Stuart quite emphatically! A resounding victory ensuring the trophy was destined for young hands!

As another unbelievably exciting day drew to a close, there was just enough time for everyone to get embroiled in a massive festival of Human Table Football to end proceedings. The crackling of laughter and the zip of net bound balls filled the air as it proved a fitting family orientated end to what was a beautiful day. Another great day with some really lovely people at WM Donald. We'll see you all again next year!

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Where's your trophy picture for the Archery competition Karen ? Another great Family Fun Day with WM Donald, and what a beautifully stunning view ! ... hope to see you all again soon in the sunshine. Stephen



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