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Posted: Aug 23 2014

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The stunning scenery of Aberdeenshire seemed like the perfect setting in which to host a corporate fun day with Schoeller Bleckman. Spirits seemed to be running high as the weather proved to be a hit for the summer barbeque. The day got off to a promising start with the little kids oozing with excitement at the thought of having a go on each of the activities available. The Chip Shot Golf was a popular feature of the day. The frustration of not potting any shots were the drive for the adults and kids to keep coming back. It seemed like the beverages available on the day steadied the adults nerves and one gentleman potted 100! Very well done indeed!

Moreover, the Archery proved to be a success, bringing out the competitive nature of the individuals. Brian displayed his great skills and bagged his title as the winner of the Archery competition. Stephanie’s team proved to be a winning team as their efforts allowed them to win the Space Hopper Race. Amazing effort guys! Also, the twins, Ruth and Meg displayed their outstanding balancing skills on the Surf Simulator Deluxe. I am sure they could even give the professionals a run for their money! It was evident that the countless time spent on the game “Call of Duty” paid off as Kevin showed outstanding shooting skills at the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. The Bean Bag Race gave Bailey the chance to display his tremendous coordination skills. It was clear that the sweets available on the day was a good motivator.

The Bouncy Castle and Ball Pool is always a hit with the little one and Jayden let everyone know how much he loved the Bouncy Castle and cauing chaos in the Ball Pool! The face painting available on the day was a huge hit as we had lots of little superheros running around the field. All in all a very successful day, filled with fun across the ages. Thank you so much to Karen for her efforts in organising a great day! See you next year!

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