Country Pursuits Team Building Days with The AA

Posted: Jul 09 2014

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The castle like New Hall provided a gorgeous setting for the final, team building days, county pursuits for The AA. The sun was out in full force as teams were selected and great names decided on. There was, The Warriors, The Invincibles, Team Spirit and Fantastic Four all hoping to win the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and not the Wooden Spoon. To do so the teams would have to compete in Archery, Rollerball, Golf, Highland Games, Laser shooting and Catapult and they were all up for the challenge. Up first on the Rollerball were Team Spirit and Fantastic Four. Both teams were set on a design and completely believed that theirs was the winning one. Both looked great and we knew it would be an exciting competition. Fantastic Four were up first to be timed and getting a time of 26 seconds that would be hard to beat. Team Spirit however had gone for a more unique design and stormed into the lead with what became an unbeatable 40 seconds. Over on Archery there was also a lot of success with a lot of arrows hitting the board. Both teams had very competitive players but Craig was the one that everyone wanted to beat and everyone cheered when The Warriors narrowly beat The Invincibles.

Highland Games and Golf were up next. Nowhere was safe to stand as the wellys were thrown first with some even making it outside the course. The caber toss saw Pam look like she may be Scottish as well, as scoring a 9! At the golf, the competitiveness was in full swing with Craig proving to be a dab hand at chipping, scoring The Invincibles the highest score of the activity. However, there was also some sisterly rivalry going on with Katie and Rachel up to chip at the same time but Rachel's experience proved too much to beat. After lunch it was time for all four teams to go head to head at Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. Once Sharon had worked out which way to hold the gun, practise could begin and it wasn't long before scores were being built up. As it had been throughout the day Craig was proving hard to beat, with Bev trying every angle to try and outsmart him. However, it was Fantastic Four that got there in the end, with Jason showing everyone how it was done and taking the points for his team.

Finally we had catapult to get the teams building again, trying to construct a catapult to throw their golf ball as far as possible. Tracy and Rachel used their previous knowledge to try and get their team’s catapults perfect, while Sharon supervised Fantastic Fours design. All the designs proved to be useful and all four teams got over the line, despite a second chance that saw The Invincibles land millimetres away, The Warriors were the unbeatable team. Once all the scores were added up it was very close across all four groups for top place. Someone had to take home the Wooden Spoon though and that was Fantastic Four. Just ahead of them with memories to take home was Team Spirit and much to everyone's excitement The Invincibles walked away in second place. That left The Warriors as the days winners and they were awarded the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy. We hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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I've never had so much fun running Rollerball! Fantastic Four and Team spirit had such a close battle, I'll be rattling it at many jobs to come.



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