Country Pursuits with Airbus UK

Posted: May 23 2018

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The superb Bath Race Course played host to an afternoon of entertainment with the wonderful teams from Airbus UK. The sun shone down on the centre ring as all teams were geared up and ready to take part in our Country Pursuits and Mini Highland Games.  The teams were set to battle it out against each other to take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company trophy

The teams moved into their first rotations, Axe Throwing, Archery and Segway challenge. The cheers could be heard from all round the course, especially from the Archery where the teams tried their hand at popping the balloon that was placed on the target, there was certainly more Maid Marion's than there were Robin Hoods however there was a couple who were very successful. The challenge was on at the Axe Throwing, the competitors tried their hand at hitting the bullseye – only one contestant managed to hit it every time! Everyone was flying down the track on the Segways wiggling in and out of the poles as they raced to the end to try and score points by getting the balls in the basket while whizzing past.

After a short break for Ice Cream and refreshments, teams energy was high and they were ready to move onto our Mini Highland Games element of the day.

There was plenty of highland roars when it came to the Mini Highland games as the teams battled it out to gain points at Toss the Welly and Haggis Relay. There were massive cheers over at the Caber Toss and all the guests were hoping that their luck would be in and it would land in the 12’oclock position.

All three teams went head to head on the Hey You Jimmy assault course, there was plenty “bending of rules” going on in this challenge stealing balls and knocking barrows over - everyone looked excellent in their jimmy wigs.

After all the rotations were complete it was time for the teams to get together for our ever popular Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting finale, this challenge was a slow starter. Once the teams realised that pulling the trigger was the key we were off and running! The Bath Mice were out in front with 34 from an early stage and the Dinsosaur’s appeared to be missing every shot with The Pinners following close behind, however in the final round The Pinners pulled it back and were clear by 30 points to the Bath Mice winning the finale with a 96 point score. 

The scores were counted and the results were in stepping up in third place taking home the Team Challenge Company Wooden Spoon with 3200 points was The Dinosaurs, they could not have picked a better name for their position in the games. In second place taking home nothing but memories with a score of 4100 was the Bath Mice, they would have held onto poll position if the Pinners did not come back from the bottom with their Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Win. They say there can be only one and today there was, stepping up on the podium and claiming their much deserved Team Challenge Company Trophy was The Pinners with a fantastic score of 4800 points.

Well done to everyone, we had a great day with you all. A massive thank you to Anita Blackburn for all of her organising of such a fantastic day, we can’t wait to see you all again!

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