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Posted: Jun 05 2014

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Thursday the 5th June saw the beautiful Pittodrie House Hotel play host to a group of 8 employees from Gazprom for one of our corporate activity days in the form of Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. Despite the best attempts of the Scottish summer the spirits were not dampened and the all the participants were eager to get underway. As always this was a competitive event with the two teams battling it out to take home the lucrative Team Challenge Company Winners' Trophy and avoid the dreaded but somewhat more practical Wooden Spoon.  

The Big Shots lead by Ed who was certainly dressed for the occasion in his best shooting gear managed to take an early lead with some expert shooting on display. After the first round it was very close, however due to the near prefect shooting of Ernie displaying his quick but yet accurate trigger finger managed to extend the Big Shots lead. Despite this the first round was only won by 8 points allowing the Big Shots to take a 1-0 lead. with the competitors eyes now in, the scores started to stack up in the second round which saw the shooting from a different location just incase it was becoming too easy for all involved. With the skill shot underway it was again the Big Shots that got off to a fast start managing to rack up an impressive 78 points giving them a 5 point lead going into speed shot for the second time. With the pressure on, Paul managed to step up with an impressive display. As Ernie stepped up you could feel the expectation from his fellow team members but this time was unfortunately not able to help the big shots over turn the deficit thus allowing Paul and the long shots to win by 5 points overall.

With the scores tied at 1-1 it was time for the deciding rounds and a final shooting location. Both teams struggled early on with this new angle of attack but soon began to rediscover their shooting form however by this time it was looking too late for the big shots and the long shots took a 13 point lead going in to the the finale game. The day came to an end with rapid fire allowing the teams to score the largest amount of points possible. With the pressure well and truly on, Ed and his team were unable to match the sublime shooting of Nathan who managed to hit everything twice and his nearest competitor was his own team mate Paul who between them all but sealed victory. Andy managed to seal the victory when he was up taking away valuable points for his opponents. With the scoring rounds now over it was time for the trophy presentation both teams knew who were the victors but tried to work out if there would be a different story if it was based on total points and not round wins. No matter which way it was calculated it was the Big Shots that are to walk away with the wooden spoon and the Long Shots that were the victors on this occasion and in doing this they managed to take away the Winners' Trophy. A big thanks to all who took part and for Nathan for organising this event we hope to be working with you all again soon.

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