Country Pursuits with TAQA

Posted: Aug 16 2018

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A great afternoon was had by all at TAQA for their afternoon of Country Pursuits; the teams were split into 4 groups to take on their challenges.

First off the group were split into 3 separate groups to take on our Interlocker Challenge. They were each given a map and had to explain to their team how to build without seeing what the puzzle physically looked like.

On the first rotation we had 2 teams take on Archery and 2 teams at Axe Throwing, neither of the teams had done any of the activities before so was great excitement for them all. After the teams taking in a few practice shots it was time to build up those points. Only a few people from the teams of 12 were able to land the axe on the target, they all had great time trying. We had some Robin Hoods over at archery, especially for nobody having done it before they were all pretty close to the target.

We had a pop the balloon competition on the archery where extra points were added for popping the balloon; this was placed on the target in different places and got smaller at every try. We had 2 people pop the balloon and earn extra points for their team.

After a short tea break it was on to rotation two, Plank walk and Chip Shot Golf, the teams made it through the track with no problems at all, they all worked well together to get their team from one end of the course to the other. We had the other teams racking up the points on the golf, a few professionals in the mix scoring 150's all the time.

The heavens opened and every one dashed inside, the rain came down heavy and meant that the afternoon would come to a close. Everyone was inside to enjoy their barbeque food indoors out of the rain.

We had a great day with the team from TAQA, thank you to all involved in making the day enjoyable for everyone! We hope to see you all again soon!

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