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Posted: Feb 28 2019

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The keen teams from National Trust for Scotland were quite possibly the most lively and excitable bunch of people we have yet to see! The sun was still shining (well at least it wasn’t snowing ) at the fantastic NTS Pollok House in Glasgow and it was sure to be a great day for their Team Building - Create Design Deliver event!

The first piece of business which needed to be carried out was to come up with a couple of fantastic team names and fantastic they were! The group were given there all important introduction and safety brief and  teams separated and tasked to come up with such inventive names as "One Jobby” and “9 not 6” - very creative and hopefully not from either the caterers or accountants !

As we moved out on to the wonderful grounds the first challenge our teams were presented with was the infamously difficult  helium stick. We were off to a good start and four of our six teams managed to complete it within the allocated time - and didn’t you cheer loudly for all your successes !  Our teams were then given the chance to double their points playing their mascots - but who would play it to best advantage to stay ahead of the game ?

The teams competed in two further rotations -  Plank Walk and Interlocker where they could try their hardest to win some more points. On the Plank Walk it looked great at the start for some teams  with great initial planning and practice but perhaps the end wasn't as impressive as it could have been for some who ran out of plan as the clock ran down also. Two teams found themselves at a standstill between them, ending with let’s be honest one team “stealing the others equipment or was that simply “borrowing ?” TeamTriumph played a blinder on this task - could they keep the momentum going ?

Over at Interlocker the shouts and cries of desperation rang out as the teams took on their mental challenge It proved difficult for some with only the early leaders completing the challenge successfully, and the 4 The Love of Scotland playing a great game here. With 1 finale game to play some teams  were opening up a lead at the top of the table.

Our finale was the ever popular but challenging catapult which saw a multitude of  innovative techniques, unusual compromise and again some shouting. We even witnessed a Catapult firing backwards and one trying to hit the International Space Station! And one – lets be honest superstar performance – just look at those photos!

So across the board everyone competed whole heartedly and with a great deal of integrity and passion and got stuck in with all their team mates, with all teams doing extremely well on each and every task. We then started to score up the final points tally as we thanked Emma for all her efforts in organising such a great day for her colleagues. It was time to present the wooden spoon and trophy – so where were you on the list ? 

Final Scores on the Doors
First (Winner ) 4The Love of Scotland
Second One Jobby
Third 9 not 6
Forth Famous 5
Fifth Two Good
Sixth 9 (Wooden spoon ) Triumph

A wonderful afternoon of Outdoor Team Building had been thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance, as our guests departed with big smiles and lots of high-5s. A big shout out and thank you must go to Emma for all her hard work in organising such a brilliant event. We very much hope that the entire National Trust for Scotland team had a fantastic afternoon with us, and very much hope to see you all again soon for the rematch!

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stephen hazley

Great Venue Great Teams Great Event Roll on the rematch - 4 The Love of Scotland - maybe another trophy for you ?! Thanks Emma for putting the day together so professionally and keeping everyone in order- a challenge in itself ! Stephen



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