Create Design Deliver with Ochil View Housing Association - Indoor Team Building Activities

Posted: May 13 2014

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The Riverhouse, was host to a group from Ochil View Housing Association who Team Challenge Company had the great pleasure of delivering a morning of indoor team building activities to. We kicked the morning off with a small familiarisation round allowing everyone to get to know their team mates for the day. We broke off into our 4 teams to step outside where the sun was shining and take part in the ever-challenging Helium Stick. It was less than a minute into the game when the competitive streak in all teams came out! With team Stick Insects sailing their way to 1000 points in the race to lower their cane all teams had the chance to gamble and double or half their score by completing the task again, this time under a bit more pressure... With teams able to put off their opposing teams this time we seen the teams who gambled losing half their score.

Back inside another challenge awaited. The teams put their minds to the test as they raced against the clock in an attempt to piece together Interlocker. In the time given all teams managed to create the final shape – even if it did cost the Gigglers 150 points for some outsourced assistance. The teams then began one by one attempting to erect the puzzle from scratch in 60seconds. With a success rate of 0% across the four teams the fact that the Terrors missed out on completing the puzzle by one piece was devastating.

The final challenge of the day was Archway Contract. Our teams made up a business plan consisting of estimated material costs, labour costs and over all profit based on how efficient they could be whilst building their arch. The teams had some great designs... if only they were sturdy. With 3 out of 4 of the teams having to hold their Archways up by hand, it was only the Terrors who managed to complete their contract – even if they did run up a whopping £25,000 in extra labour costs. So after a fantastic morning the scores were compiled and checked. The Gigglers - now the proud owners of a Wooden Spoon after finishing in 4th place on 1650 points!1 Man and his Athletes made it to 3rd place after their performance in Interlocker on 1800 points. The Stick Insects hung onto 2nd place after gambling their points in the first round on 2250 points. The Terrors are the ones who prevailed in 1st place and got their hands on the Team Challenge Company Trophy with a massive 2400 points! Thank you very much to Kate for organising this lovely morning of Create Design Deliver team building activities, we thoroughly enjoyed working with your group and hope to work with you again.

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A fantastic day at The Riverhouse! Everyone from Ochil got stuck in and we definitely seen some of your competitive sides! hopefully it's as sunny the next time we see you Kate!



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