Crystal Challenge Team Building with Public Health Agency

Posted: Sep 06 2013

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Arriving at Crumlin Road Gaol for an event was an unusual feeling and I was both excited and somewhat nervous of the surroundings. Once we parked up my anxiety passed as it was a wonderfully well organised conference facility and a team of professionals running every aspect of this incredibly unique venue. After our briefing to the team we split the group up into 6 teams and headed out into the exercise yard to begin the Crystal Challenge Event. At first it was head to head battles competing in challenges such as Crate Walk, Labyrinth and Interlocker.  It was Adele in Team 1 along with Alan in Team 2 and Hazel in Team 3 who started the fighting talk early and both Teams 5 and 4 were natural enemies from the start, Sinead from team 5 went to battle with Steven in Team 4 with poor Steven coming out second best haha.

All teams took part in a Crystal Challenge Team Challenge followed by an Individual Challenge, just before the lunch break it seemed Team 2 and Team 3 were heading toward the bottom half of the podium and Team 4 making strong headway to take home the winners trophy. After a beautiful lunch in the heart of the Gaol we began the second half of the event with Team Challenges being Chicken Fox and Grain, NASA Challenge and Crane Construction with the individual ones were Riddles, Bounce and In and the frantic Drop Zone.  The most inventive team of the afternoon was Team 4 after they cunningly employed a helper called Google to find the clues to their challenge and took Pole position

After all the challenges ended it was the top 3 that went inside the Crystal Dome to collect the most money possible, the top teams with the most crystals were Team 4, Team 1 and Team 5. The money went whizzing around and the when all the money was calculated up the top three looked liked this 1st Team 1 £900 2nd Team 5 £800 3rd Team 4 £700 4th Place went to Team 2, 5th Place went to Team 6 and the wooden spoon was saved for Team 3.

A huge thank you to Rosemary and Edmond for organising the event and it was a pleasure to work with such a spirited and fun group.  We hope you survived the tour of the Gaol after the event and look forward to working with you again very soon.

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