Crystal Challenge With William Duncan & Co

Posted: Aug 25 2017

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting an intense Crystal Challenge for the extremely competitive team from William Duncan and Co.

The weather wasn’t great but the spirits were high as we broke the news to the teams of the different tasks they would be going through to gain crystals for valuable time in the grand finale. The tasks would include some physical, skilful and mental challenges (team Stevens Superstars looked terrified when they found out about the mental challenges!!!)

We shipped the teams off for the first round of rotations, it was Roberts Rockets and Hazels Hooligans that took on the mental challenge of The Chicken, Fox and Grain having to figure out how to get all three and a farmer safely across the river, it was Roberts Rockets who rocketed themselves to a speedy victory solving the puzzle in near record time.

It’s a shame that the same couldn’t be said for Sandy Smilers who managed to complete the tricky Labyrinth but were left scratching their heads as it came to trying to complete the confusing Giant Jigsaw.

Outside at the Chipshot golf we had Grahams Gods and Annette’s Angels, it was certainly clear in these teams how had actually played golf before seeing Grahams Gods knock in a few hundreds to snatch victory for Annette’s Angles by a whopping 145 points, but neither of the teams were a match for Kevins Kids who racked up a huge total of 520 points.

Ring the bell is a game of true skill, which Alans Amigos quite clearly had plenty of completing the maze to gain the crystal, unfortunately Hazels Hooligans weren’t successful not being able to take home a crystal, but there was still plenty of time to redeem themselves in the upcoming rounds.

After a short break we got straight back into it with dividing the teams, four teams over to the archery, where a keen eye and a steady hand is needed, Stephen’s Superstars  were very quick to blame the wind but that didn’t seem to bother Roberts Rockets one bit!!

Moving indoors the other four teams were really putting their brains to the test attempting to put together the near impossible Interlocker, out of all eight teams we only had three successful, showing they had a keen eye and great communication skills.

It was finally time for the Grand Finale, the final dash for cash in our very own crystal dome, needing speed and agility to grab as much as you can to get your hands on the much sought after Team Challenge Company Trophy.

After much money grabbing it was unfortunately Annette’s Angels who came up to take the wooden spoon in last place with only £400.

But with a huge final total of £1400 it was Kevin’s Kids who proudly raised the trophy over their heads winning by a landslide.

It was a great day and an absolute pleasure to have worked with such a great group and we hope to see you all again soon.

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Adam Kennard

Was an awesome day, loads of fun had, really enjoyed watching the guys attempt the Chicken, Fox and Grain, they all looked hilarious



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