Evening Entertainment Interactive Quiz with Mercedes-Benz

Posted: Dec 16 2014

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The amazing Moat House Hotel in Stafford made a magnificent host for one of our favourite Team Building London evening entertainment - Interactive Quiz held for a group of 17 from Mercedes-Benz. As everyone started to arrive the atmosphere was amazing as everyone was getting into the Christmas spirit by wearing their Christmas jumpers, pulling crackers and of course wearing the paper hat that everyone is usually so keen to avoid! While the teams were eating dinner they had to make up a team name that they would use for that evening the team names were Quizzie Rascals, Coming Down Your Chimney and Under-Crackers, which were all amazing team names. We then kicked off with a round off Guess Who Christmas style! All of the teams were great at this but Coming Down Your Chimney got an outstanding 9/10!!

The quiz kicked off with a great round of Hit or Miss! Everyone was doing so well until ‘Fairy tale of New York’ came on and everyone was sure that it was number 1 bar Steven from the Quizzie Rascals but surely fairy tale of New York had been number one! The rest of the teams looked confident with their choice but it had only ever made number 2! Steven was the last man standing at took the 100 points for his team. Next the teams took part in one of our interactive rounds that was made especially for our Christmas quizzes - Reindeer Build! As the packs were handed out the teams discussed the best way to make the tallest and most realistic looking reindeer. As they put their plans into action, they didn’t work out as well as they thought, apart from the ‘Quizzie Rascals’ - theirs was great! It wasn’t only the tallest but the most realistic one as it even had a face!

It was then time for us to kick off with our final round Bridge Build with a twist! The teams did not only have to build a bridge to allow the car to drive over it also had to hold Santa and not allow him to fall off. As soon as the materiel to build their bridge was handed out, everyone ran up to the bridge to find out the height and width to begin their build. I can safely say that no one in any team was an engineer as not one of them was tall enough to support the car! With last minute alterations complete it was time to put their creations to work. At this point it was between ‘Quizzie Rascals’ and ‘Coming Down Your Chimney’ for the chance to take the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy as there was only 10 points between them! Team ‘Quizzie Rascals’ was up first as the tension built up both teams as they knew they had to complete this to be in the running for first place! Team ‘Quizzie Rascals’ smashed it as the car and Santa glided over. ‘Coming Down Your Chimney’ came with their bridge and it was too short needless to say the car did not make it! The ‘Under-Crackers’ stepped up with what looked like an amazing bridge but it collapsed!!

With the results been counted and verified in last place taking home the Wooden Spoon was the ‘Under-Crackers’ with 460 points. In 2nd place and just missing out on the trophy, was ‘Coming Down Your Chimney’ with 520 points and in 1st place with a massive 630 was ‘Quizzie Rascals’ taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy! I just want to say a massive thanks to Alex for organising this event. We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2015!

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Hannah Spacey

Thank you Alex in your assistance with this fantastic event! I have heard your clients had a great time! Hope to see everyone again soon!



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