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Posted: Oct 02 2015

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You know what they say... 3 is the magic number! Team Challenge Company, once again, hooked up with Nikki at Highland Lodges for a string of three successive events at the magnificent Dairsie Castle near Cupar.

Rebuilt to original specifications in the mid nineties, the castle dominates the rural east Neuk skyline. Lit up at night, the soft orange colour provides an awe inspiring emanating glow from the rugged hillside. This truly was the perfect venue for our 2 quizzes and Generation Game finale come Friday night. There were 24 keen competitors from construction giants Muir Group who would battle it out over the 3 evenings. The prize on offer, of course, was the illustrious Team Challenge Company Winners trophy!

With truly wonderful hospitality provided by the 2 Nikkis, the first evening swung into life as the 3 way tussle for glory commenced. The teams were the Dunhill Dunce’s, The Dairsie train boys and the pair of Knickers! Out of the three evenings this was the closest in terms of scores! The Knickers made a rip roaring start and tasted brief success by topping the table after the first 4 rounds! It was neck and neck all the way through in fact! 

The Dairsie train boys were staying in touching distance after their enigmatic leader, Stuart cracked off a few amazing answers! They were, however, always in the shadow of the eventual winners the Dunhill Dunce’s! Bill and the team piled the pressure on to their counterparts straight from the off with great use of their double points joker at the crucial time. After an entertaining, fun evening with lots of laughs the wheels had certainly come off for the Knickers! They finished bottom with 760 points. Not a million miles behind second though! The train boys were unlucky in truth as they missed out on the trophy by just 10 points! One correct answer! By far the closest run quiz we've had in a while! An amazing opening night with some genuinely lovely people! Congratulations to our winners. Roll on night 2!

Same format. new quiz - fresh blood! Whisperings and tall tales from the previous night had filtered through to Thursday’s group as they were chomping at the bit to get underway! The Nikkis were again in the running and took bonus points for the best name with Knicker bonking glories! Would their previous experience stand them in good stead for a run at tonight's trophy! They were certainly quick off the mark, posting near perfect scores after the first 2 rounds. Dairsie I were struggling to cope with the fast pace. Alec's one liners couldn't save them from a first half humbling unfortunately!

As the rounds rolled on towards a hotly anticipated finish it was the Dunhill links sausages that rolled along nicely as Alan propelled them nicely to the top with some sublime answers! They were simply unbeatable! They took the plaudits with a massive score of 740 points! Knicker bonking glories faded after a long day in the castle. Missing out on the summit by just 30 points! Agonising for the hosts! The Wooden Spooners for the night were Dairsie I. Alec's answer of 2001 to pretty much anything not pulling them from the doldrums! What a fantastic laugh though! For the big Friday night finish it was the fabled Generation Game. An ending fitting for what was a truly memorable week. 

The Jobbies would play the madrigals in an intense final evening of interactive competition. The names insisting a fun filled and cheeky evening to look ahead to. Higher or Lower started off the verbal jousting as the madrigals triumphed. Dave and the Jobbies hit back with an impressive Balloon Tower round. Perking their structure up just a few inches more than their counterparts! The teams steamrolled through the Generation Game mix and the memory test clips with flying colours. There was nothing between them as the superhero Cake Dec depicting the nights host, yours truly and the waste management hero rolled off the production line! Truly stupendous efforts from both teams. Katherine was our best plate spinner as she got back for the madrigals after a poor Peel Off round. The dying embers of what was a memorable evening culminated in the frantic animal race which was won by the Jobbies! It was so tight that this won them the night! An unbelievable and unexpected finish to a brilliant evening. Fitting and apt! 

The three days with our friends from Muir group and Highland lodges certainly didn't disappoint! It was crammed full of highlights, laughs and jokes! Unlucky to the madrigals who were the final Spooners on what was an amazing crescendo to the week. A big thank you to everyone involved including the two Nikki’s for their tireless hospitality. And to our friends and Muir group who we will see again for a rematch! Surely!

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