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Posted: Nov 25 2016

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Tonight Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of teaming up with the amazing group from Johnson Service Group at the stunning Moor Hall Hotel. As their conference came to an end the room began its transition into a glamorous night at the Races! 

The guests enjoyed their arrival drinks and mingling before sitting down and getting to know their new team mates. The first challenge of the evening was to create a team name by which they would be fighting for victory this evening. We had 5 AliveThe 3 AcesFirst past the post4 candlesMagnificent 6 and 2 Good. With all this fighting talk and the teams named, it was time to begin the night and see who could be crowned the Winner

It was time to make that crucial decision of attempting to bet on the winning horse! Most teams didn't want to part with their money so started off with only £5 bets; you have to bet big to win big?! As the races continued the bets for each round were getting bigger. 

We had the pleasure of hosting a very special guest too! Our very own Tony Soprano came to the bookies and bet £55 on Horse number 8. The race began, the tension snapped and the whole room erupted screaming and jumping in anticipation for the victorious Horse. Unbelievably, Horse 8 was the winner! Leaving Tony Soprano to take away £330 from this round but would this be enough to win the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy?

Movie Quotes was up next, the round in which teams could win up to £100 if they got the movie first from the selected quotes that were played. You could hear the cogs turning over by The Four Candles as they spent a lot of time confused in this round and managed to score 0- taking home a massive… £0! However, with help from The Skinny Phil Mitchell of the evening Five Alive won a massive £100!

As the Ladies Race drew the evening to a close, Horse 7 claimed the pride, joy and honour of the win. The Three Aces took the chance of betting big and it worked, they won big! But would this be enough to trample on the other teams?! The money was cashed in and verified.

In last place, taking the title of the worst betters of the evening and handing in £0 at the end was Team Magnificent Six. Only two other teams handed in money at the end and that was The Three Aces and The Four Candles. One team handed in £430 and ensuring a tight competition, the other team handed in £450! 
There were tears, tantrums, blood, sweat & tears but we were delighted to announce The Three Candles were the victors of the Team Challenge Company trophy!

We would like to say a massive well done to Carl Heeley and David Kinson for organising this amazing evening. We hope you all enjoyed your evening as much as we did and look forward to working with you all next year.

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Fast paced and energetic evening with the team from Johnsons, loved it and my favourite moment was seeing Captain Finance smile at the end.



What a brilliant event with the team from Johnson Service Group! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Look forward to working with your team again soon!



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