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Posted: Feb 09 2017

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The fantastic Marriott Hotel Durham played host to The Big Quiz event that Team Challenge Company had the absolute pleasure of providing for the delegates of MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Ltd. The group was split into five teams and took to their seats to begin the night of good food, entertainment and the possibility of taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy! 

The night began with our classic Hit or Miss Ice breaker! The teams heard a small snippet of a song that they had to decide if it had been a number 1 hit or not, and players were knocked out of the rounds, and asked to sit down if they answered incorrectly. The first round saw almost all of the Big Fact Hunt knocked out and by the second round both the Big Fact Hunt and Third Party Collaboration were seated at their table.  A few rounds in, the group saw Andy and the Monkeys take away the points as winners of the Hit or Miss, which meant it, was time to serve the starters. 

Once the starters had been cleared away and the ice was thoroughly broken, the teams were introduced to their first written answer round – Guess Who. During the round, photographs of some well-known – and some not so well known – famous faces in their youth appeared on the screen and the teams were asked to (quite literally) Guess Who. This round proved especially difficult for Andy and the Monkeys who only managed to get 1 correct answer out of a possible 10, however, Team Pooh was not far behind with 2 out of 10 correct answers – time to brush up on your pop culture knowledge, teams! We also had a few bonus points awarded at the end of this round for our best celebrity look a likes – Gimli from Lord of the Rings, Jason Manford and Shaggy were among the few who were brave enough to come up to the front and win their team some points.

Moving on to General Knowledge the teams were put to the test – and what a test it was – with our highest points awarded going to Finger Lickin’ Good and Team Pooh who both got 5 of the 10 questions correct.  It was time for our Squeaker round, the teams were each given a squeaker and when they thought they knew the correct Capital City for the Country displayed on the screen, they were to be the first standing and be holding the squeaker. Team Pooh seemed to know their stuff as they managed to be the first to answer the most questions correctly! Our Cars of Fame round had 4 of the teams confident enough to play their joker for the chance to win double points. This was a great decision for Finger Lickin’ Good as it put them into the lead winning 160 points for their efforts and a huge 310 overall score.

 The next round was one that put the teams’ memory to test, so meant they had to pay close attention to the clips on the screen to be able to answer some very specific questions at the end. Third Party Collaboration managed to get at least half of the answers right in this round, whereas it seems Finger Lickin’ Good found this round a lot harder than the last... Our Question of Sports round saw all five teams get 50 points of a possible 100 – at least everyone was as good (or as bad) as each other! Our final round of the day was Name the Tune, where the Big Fact Hunt played their joker obviously hoping for some big last minute points to secure them top spot. Third Party Collaboration managed to score full points in this round – let’s hope it’s managed to bag them first place...

With all the rounds complete, it was time to tally up the scores and present the Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy and, of course, the Losers’ Wooden Spoon... taking home the Losers’ Wooden Spoon and Last Place was Andy and the Monkeys with 540 points! In fourth place, with 555 points and despite their full points in the final round was Third Party Collaboration. In third with only 10 points less than our second place winners was Team Pooh. Our Second Place winners, just missing out on the top spot with 585 points was Finger Lickin’ Good. So our First Place winners and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy with a huge 605 points was team Big Fact Hunt!

A huge well done to everyone taking part and a massive thank you to Dave for organising the night. Our team had a fantastic night working with you all and hope you enjoyed it too. We look forward to working with you all again in the future!

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What a fantastic night! With so many highlights through the night, I think my personal favourite was definitely our Gimli look alike... and, of course, how competitive you all were in our Squeakers round. It was really great to work with you all and hope you all enjoyed your night - hopefully we'll see you all again soon!



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