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Posted: Sep 22 2015

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Lodge on the Loch Aboyne, Royal Deeside was the beautiful venue chosen for an evening of fun and entertainment when 4 teams from Nalco Champion came together to take part in one of Team Challenge Company’s Executive Race Nights.

The evening got off to a flying start with our first round of Hit or Miss! In this round each member of the team must stand up whilst a song is being played. The players in the team must guess whether or not the song reached number 1 in the UK upon release. If they answer correctly they remain standing, if not they are ‘out’. We got no more than 5 Tunes into the round when a curveball question shockingly threw all but 2 players out of the game. This meant that “Hard Riders” got off to a great start after gaining £100 plus bonus fun money for best name in the house. We even caught one gent in the audience TWERKING! For legal reasons we will not name this person… But you know who you are!

After ‘Hit or Miss’ the teams were brought under starters orders and were given a chance to gamble their fun money to try to win the coveted Team Challenge Trophy. The lovely venue was a wonderful setting for the evening, and with our room fully dressed with our Grand National theming upgrade package, the scene really was set for an exciting ‘Night at the Races’. 

As the excited guests raised the stakes, we quickly got all the action underway with our first race of the evening, which saw plenty of shouts and cheers as the teams willed their chosen horses to victory. As can perhaps be expected, the bets placed early in the night were tentative and relatively small whilst teams tried to find their feet. Team Norfolk N Chance managed to earn themselves early doors decent fun-money as their horse crossed the line first after a last minute dash from the middle of the group – legends! Bonus money was also awarded to Hard Riders for being Best Shouters…we’re still not sure exactly what it means, but it’s bound to be funny in some way!

It’s often easy to blow all your fun-money early doors, and so we were sure to provide some extra bonus opportunities for our teams to top up their fun-money bankroll throughout the evening with our corporate quiz round challenges. The first of these quiz rounds was Movie Magic, and the curiously named Team Pobeditely (hope that’s clean!) didn’t have the greatest round as they only managed to scrape low marks. Team Hung like a Horse scored a whopping 9/10 in this section -Moonraker!!- slightly making up for their suspicious team name! The highlights continued throughout the night of evening entertainment, and next up we had a fantastic bonus Drag Race (not that type of Drag, Madam!). Our teams got to see some of the world’s finest cars in action as they put their money on their favourite to win the mile race. The outcome was perfect for team Hard Riders but not as good for the rest of the group…Always bet on a Lambo! As the night geared towards the Grand Finale, all teams had performed well throughout the evening and had racked up a serious amount of fun-money to ‘go big or go home’ with on the final race. Our teams did just that, going ‘ALL IN’ on their favourite horses, showing they had nothing to lose but everything to gain! The last race was a tense one, with the guests screaming at the screen from start to finish! In the end, there could be only one winner, and the final race certainly made a turn up for the books.

Final Scores on the “Show Me the Money” Doors:

Last place - taking home the wooden spoon and with a grand total of £0 in fun-money - “Norfolk N Chance”! 
In joint 4th i.e. Last, on a very easy to count grand total of £0 fun-money - “Hard Riders…” 
In 2nd place, leaving with nothing but memories and a fabulous score of £70 in fun-money - “Pobeditely” 

The winners of the evening, stepping up to take home the much sought after Team Challenge Company Trophy with a massive £280 – “Hung Like a Horse”! 

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