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Posted: Jun 23 2017

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The beautiful Lodge on the Loch played host to a night full of fun and exciting Evening Entertainment as Team Challenge Company provided an Interactive Quiz night to a group of delegates from Nalco Champion. The group was split into 4 teams and given the chance to come up with a creative team name before being introduced to the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy.

We kicked off the night with our Hit or Miss Ice Breaker challenge, getting everyone on their feet to get involved! The group was played a different song each round, where they had to guess whether it was a UK chart Hit or a Miss. Unfortunately the teams only managed to make it to round 7... However, that did mean we had a winner! Team Anti Depressant got off to a good start, taking home the first points of the night! 

The teams were put to the test throughout the night with various quiz rounds including Guess Who, where Team Eco Lads dominated scoring a huge 900 points! Team Mumbo Jumbo went into the General Knowledge round with a cool 800 points, although, they came out the other side with only 450 additional points... They still weren't in last place! After the teams had gathered some points on a few written rounds, it was time to get fully involved with the help of the hands on the Balloon Tower round. The four teams were given a pack with both long and round balloons in it and a balloon pump per team and tasked with building the tallest free standing tower using only these materials. After being in the lead for the first few rounds, Team Eco Lads just miss out on that top spot by 10", beaten to the top by team FBI with an impressive 36". 

The teams flew through – and struggled through - 3 more written rounds, including naming various Countries and Landmarks, a Question in Sport (there's always a Michael Jordan, teams...) and Logo Mix before finishing on a fun but fairly difficult round. The final written round for the teams saw them hearing a small snippet of a song and having to guess the song and the artist for some big points! Team FBI were renamed Team Shazam for this round and Team Mumbo Jumbo were literally playing by ear with these guesses... managing to only get 3 and a half answers correct out of a potential 2000 points. Whereas Team Eco Lads only missed out on 200 points by getting 1 answer wrong... so close! 

Once the final written round was out of the way, it was time for the last hands on round of the night. Again, the teams received another pack for this round, this time containing paper, tape, scissors and paper straws and were tasked with building a stable enough bridge to get the remote control car from one platform to the other without collapsing. There were a few rules, however - the teams could only use the materials in their pack and not the pack itself, the bridge must be freestanding, the bridge could not be attached/taped to the platforms and lastly, the teams must clap the car over the bridge! Stepping up to the platform was what looked like one shabby bridge after another... but we were all surprised when all but 1 of the bridges managed to support the car. 

The scores were all calculated which meant it could only be time for the Trophy presentation! In Last Place and taking home the Loser's Wooden Spoon, with 5900 points was... team Anti Depressant! In Third Place with 6750 points was Team Mumbo Jumbo! In Second Place, just missing out on that top spot, with 7200 points, and all the glory was... Team The Eco Lads! Which means in First Place and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy, with 7800 points and ultimate bragging rights was... Team FBI!

Well done to everyone who took part, huge effort all round! A huge thank you to Garry for organising the event, it was a fantastic night and our team had a great time working with you all. We hope to see you all again soon! 

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What a great night! Congrats to Team Shazam - sorry, Team FBI - for their wholly ethical and honest win! My personal highlight of the night had to be the wildly constructed Bridge Build Bridges and the success story for *almost* all of them - sorry Team Anti Depressant. Hope you all enjoyed the night and I hope we see you all again soon!



Team Shazam - Top Darts ! Bringing my fishing rod next time ! Stephen



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