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Posted: Apr 20 2017

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The Evening Entertainment got off to a super start at the beautiful picturesque venue of Hastings Culloden Hotel Belfast, Northern Ireland, as our anxiously keen teams from PWC were up and out of their seats in the fantastic Stuart Suite to take part in the first round of our Team Challenge Company's Interactive Quiz or was that return of the ever Victorious NI Dream Team? With an ever smart suited and booted audience our team had to be on our very best behaviour! 

The teams that lined up for the challenge were :

Team Tigger


Team Something Inspirational

Team We Always Come From Behind

Team Sean

Team NI Dream Team

One team, managed to start off the fun by gaining 50 points in our fast paced Higher or Lower round setting them comfortably in the lead. As we moved on to our Hollywood Year Book round the teams were becoming more and more competitive. The movie and celebrity whizzes of the table were on top form with some gaining lots of points. Having said that, we still can’t believe Team Sean thought Jack Nicolson was Zac Effron!

Next up was the ever challengeing Balloon Tower – just look at those great photos – proper towers and yes made of only balloons! The KPMG team managed to win this round with a fantastic balloon tower that measured old school 81 inches high! Following this was our Capital Cities round with points being won and lost as fast as you can say Addis Ababa where the impressive knowledge of some well travelled teams stretched as far away as even Banbridge! Then came the Dingbats round was up next which really put the sober ones in the audience to the test! – answers were as always unpredictable... some teams lost points some teams pulled it out of the bag… Spy?! So much for playing the Joker and winning double points on this round! We cruised through a number of other rounds as the Team Mascots came in thick and fast – but did you play them well! Then came the Name That Tune with big points up for grabs but it was to be honest points we were looking for not Karaoke and a spot on Britain’s Got Talent- and yes some were all really old tunes...just ask Keith!!! As the Interactive Quiz neared the  finale it was time for Bridge Build and for many a bridge much too far…shame for most of the teams to be honest - but at least you pleased the audience!

Time to tally up the scores. After a fantastic start, unfortunately there is always one team who has to go home with the dreaded wooden spoon, and sadly it was NI Dream Team who only managed to get 137 points thanks for turning up ! - well at least you won the wooden spoon!

In 5th place were team KPMG with 165 points, We Always Come From Behind had a well deserved 4th place with 241 points, and in 3rd just pipping them  with 245 points, it was Team Sean.

The top two were Something Inspirational, with a great 300 points gaining a very creditable second places, but taking home the Team Challenge Company Trophy was the team who were consistently quiet, industrious and completely focused throughout and  clearly played a great game all night, and with an impressive score of 375... It was Team Tigger!

Overall the night was a huge success and we would like to say thanks to everyone who took part so willingly. Also huge thanks to Hannah for organising this Evening Entertainment event and keeping everyone in order and all the staff at the  excellent Hastings Culloden Hotel for all their kind assistance throughout the evening. We shall return… and we hope to see you all again soon.

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Erin Mitchell

Another fantastic quiz for the team at PWC!



Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, Where did it all go wrong ? To be fair it was your team who let you down... especially the Banbrige Crew ! Great evening with PWC at the beautiful Hastings Culloden Estate always a pleasure to work with your team all at such a wonderful venue A big shout out to Hannah for all her hard work leading up to the evening and on the night itself and to the excellent conference team at Culloden Estate for all their assistance on the night - we shall return ! Looking forward already to the re-match - Kevin sort your team out next time young man ! Stephen



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