Evening Team Building Aberdeen Murder Mystery with Total

Posted: Sep 24 2014

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The beautiful Norwood Hall Hotel played host to an evening team building Aberdeen event in the form of our Murder Mystery with the group from Total. Our unsuspecting guests arrived for drinks just after 7pm with the intention of having a lovely dinner after a productive day in conference. At around 7:15pm the guests were surprised as our 5 actors burst into the room to deliver the first act of the evening.

Our actors left the room to the sound of applause and laughter before our guests were seated around their fabulously decorated dinner tables. Each table had a reserved space that would allow our actors to rotate around during the evening so that each table could interrogate the characters one by one. Our guests were competing in groups for Team Challenge Company Trophy and trying their best to dodge last position which would find them taking home the infamous wooden spoon! The meal was a great success and our guests made their best attempts at extracting any sort of clues throughout the evening (there was even mention of a bribe!). Once the meal was over and our guests from Total UK were enjoying their coffee and trying to solve the final few pieces of the mystery our characters acted out the final and revealing scene. With a lot of suspense and drama (and comedy) our characters, slowly but surely, went through all the possible outcomes before finally reaching the only logic conclusion.

We had every type of answer from the silly and humorous to conclusions only bonefide detectives could reach. In the end it was our team The After Eights who solved the mystery with the three correct answers – Who, How, And Why? The After Eights received a round of applause as they lifted the Team Challenge Company trophy with pride. Our wooden spoon went out to The Old Gits In The Corner who tried to accuse 3 out of the 5 charters (nothing like hedging your bets). We had a fantastic evening with the group from Total UK and I’d like to once again thank Stephanie for organizing such a successful evening, we can't wait to see what next year holds.

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