Evening Team Building Events - Executive Quiz Night with Serco Group Plc

Posted: Mar 17 2014

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Tonights Managers Meeting for Serco Group Plc was concluded with one of Team Challenge Company's fantastic Evening Team Building Events, the Executive Quiz, at the Hawkhills Conference & Events centre. We kicked off the Evening Entertainment with a brilliant round of Hit Or Miss! After a terrible "practice" round the teams were all relatively neck and neck all the way to question 6. By the time question 7 came there were only two left standing! Common sense (or alcohol) told them both to choose the same answer.... Which was wrong! During the Guess Who round we found Gary's doppelgänger in a 1980's half naked picture of Bruce Willis! He loved it.

After the main course was served we kicked off again with a read out round of General Knowledge questions. It must have been tough as only 2 teams got over half marks! The Awesome Automobiles round was a much bigger success showing that our teams enjoy their movies more than their mountain ranges. After dessert we brought the night to a finish with our final two rounds. Logo Mix and Name the Tune. Logo mix was our highest scoring round by far with a number of teams taking full points! Name the tune was probably the most entertaining round of the night. Each team frustratedly whispering away trying to remember the name and artist of each snippet of music. Until a member of Selective Hearing blurted out half of song 5 practically giving away free points!

In the end all the answers were collected, scores counted, drinks finished and positions verified. In last place and taking home the notorious wooden spoon was Move On with 3500 points. In 5th place and only narrowly missing the spoon was Selective Hearing! In 4th with a respectable 4100 points was team Hot Stuff. 3rd place with a great score of 4200 was Six (five) of the Best! In second place and only missing out on the top spot by 3 correct questions, with a huge 4300 points was Too Short! Which meant that in first place with a massive 4600 points and winners of tonight's golden Team Challenge Company Trophy was Norfolk and Chance! I would just like to say what a pleasure it was working with Serco Group Plc again an I hope to see some of you again in London this Wednesday. A special thanks also to Natalie Greenwood for organising such a successful Evening Team Building Event.

Comments (3)


Julie Medcalf

Many thanks for the blog and photo album, I have forwarded the link to all attendees. We had a great evening and the Team Challenge team were great as per usual. Please pass our thanks on to them.


Simon Grant

Hwkhills was a fantastic venue and the teams from Serco were a pleasure to work with as usual. A great evening was had by all! Congratulations again to Norfolk and Chance on their victory and thanks to Natalie for the hospitality and of course the organisation of the event.


Bob Scott

It was a great evening with Serco Group Plc, I can't believe selective didn't take home the wooden spoon though. Thank you again Natalie for organising this evening, I had a fantastic time with you all. Looking forward to round two.



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